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Key Lime Pie

Decided to try Key Lime Pie for Labor Day BBQ. I reduced the amount of crust by about half and increased the amount of Key Lime Juice to 1 cup and the zest to 4 tablespoons.(must be 40 key limes from the neighbor's tree) Didn't want to waste the egg whites, so whipped them up with a little cream of tartar (1/8 tsp)and (3 tbls.)sugar, topped pie before baking. To get green filling followed cook's illustrated advice and added zest to egg yolks and let sit for a few minutes before adding milk and juice. Too bad it takes so many Key Limes (Persian Limes and lemons not sour enough to clabber), it was all gone the same night, so no left overs for breakfast the next morning :-( - JnJ

Sep 06, 2012
JanNJuli in Recipes