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Fantastic time at Rendezvous in Turners Falls-Family Friendly!!!

I just came back from family camping in Western Mass. My family needed good food and easy place to bring toddler in tow. I looked up recommendations on this place and we went there...twice! It will easily become my favorite stopover between Mass Moca or North Hampton. we were there during the day but it seems like it rocks out at night with food and music

It is a quirky hip bar with nice open space and friendly staff. For lunch we had buffalo panini and ham and cheese panini. Toddler snacked on quesadilla (bonus points for easy to handle toddler food!!!). the sandwiches were yummy and reasonably priced but the star of lunch was the to die for potato wedges!!!!! they came with our sandwiches and we fell in love! They are buttery, tasty and perfectly cooked. they are the best unfried potatoes EVER! I could seriously trek back out for more!

The next time we went for brunch with two more families before we headed back to boston. We then got a mix of lunch and brunch. The dumplings with mango dipping sauce-perfect and of course more potatoes with garlic aioli--yum. We then got waffles, chorizo paninis, grilled cheese and lost sailor ipa's. Everything was solid and the total check was easy to handle.

Other bonus points: the bartender put the disney channel on the one tv and the kids were calm (after a weekend of camping we were grateful:) there was also an old school ms pacman for the older kids and plenty of games for them to play with. the kids also got served food quickly and the adults didnt wait that long either.

The place has a nice chill vibe and was so nice to stumble into and so easy to get to when on rt 2.

Restaurants with humanely raised meat and poultry?

i think that TW Food in cambridge focuses on local (possibly humane) meats. i also think that Oleana focuses on grass fed and other non feed lot meats

Can we talk about Nantasket / Hull?

I was just there yesterday and there is a new lobster roll "shack" near schooners.
Its Linda Beans. We got a white and wheat. Each lobster roll comes with pickle and chips for $14.95. The soda is "Maine Root Brewers" for either 2.50 or 3.00 each. They have hot dog option for $3.00. Service was nice, lobster was sweet and NOT rubbery. mayo with herbs was on bottom of roll. Its a pricey option on the beach but honestly it was yummy and I enjoyed it!!!

Disappointing meal at Redbones

we got a take out dinner from red bones this week and i was disappointed in the taste of pretty much everything. i usually enjoy redbones for a casual meat centric dinner. but the food really loses its charm when removed from the context of lots of people, interesting beers and wacky wall art. i fear ive been spoiled by other bbq and good meat eats around town.

real chocolate sprinkles near Boston?

taza chocolate makes chocolate shavings that you can sprinkle-they are tasty!!!!

anniversary dinner-this wed-outdoor table?

looking for refined, interesting, not worried about budget-its our first anniversary with
a new baby so we have a sitter for a few hours and need to make it worth our while-
can any hounds help a new mommy get her chow on?

Chargers for Whipped Cream Dispenser

i worked at starbucks for a short time and they were super tight on the nitrous inventory-the chargers could only be accessed by supervisors and we werent allowed to sell them. maybe an independent would be easier

Trader Joe's Brined Turkeys - what do you think? [moved from Boston board]

i always feel that you always remember (and try to forget) the taste of the thanksgiving turkey. this is one place where i would get a decent kosher.

Nov 15, 2007
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Where can I buy a kosher chicken near Andover?

what about butcher boy in Andover?

Venison for Thanksgiving

there are many items besides venison for thanksgiving. just to throw out there you could try a turducken or some kobe or kurubuto pork or maybe a really crazy side stuffing. i am always interested in throwing in something for thanksgiving (although it usually makes the kitchen time twice as crazy) best of luck! let us know how the venison turns out!

Average Catering Costs?

I will guess that you will be looking at $12-15 per person for decent and filling apps. that doesnt include waitstaff or set up fee. there are options if you have a small budget. some caterers allow you to order and pick up your items in disposable trays. you are responsible for plating and re-heating. I recommend scheduling very soon- a lot of caterers might be booked for the whole season through new years already!

Cheryl Ann's Challah at BJ's

yeah i forgot about that-they have been wholesaling to bj's for a few years