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Most Powerfull cooker for Street Food

Hi Kaleo, ok to be specific i am using this

LPG Parry 600 series counter top Griddle, i pack it in my van and get on the street every day.

I cook 5 oz burgers and they take about 7.5 mins on that thing which is too slow and will only get slower as the temperature drops in winter. Also its not hot enough to really seal the meat and give the great flavour that i get when i fry the burgers in oil in a really really hot pan and the outside goes dark brown.

What i want is
1. some very hot cooker to seal the meat and blacken (see dark brown) the beef on the outside and leave it nice and moist in the a perfectly cooked medium rare steak!!
2. Reduce my cooking time

So if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Ps i cook in a gazebo on the streets in london so there is a bit of wind coming in and it is going to be air temperature so between 5-20 degrees (41-68 F)

Sep 06, 2012
flashburger in Cookware

Most Powerfull cooker for Street Food

Hello all, ive just started a gourmet burger stall on the street and bought myself a gas griddle to cook on. The only problem is that its not really powerful enough, it does not get hot enough to really seal the meat and cook the burgers really quickly and it is super slow in any wind or cooler temperatures.

I want to upgrade, do people here have experience of using either a gas hob or chargrill outdoors

I want something thats really powerful and seals the meat so its nice and dark. My only concern is that when cooking with my gas BBQ at home it does not really seal steaks and burgers the way i like, ie like in a pan of hot oil on the cooker.

Any thoughts and tips would be useful

Sep 06, 2012
flashburger in Cookware