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Openings 2012 (Toronto)

Oh yah, I forgot to mention. My partner was so hungry she asked for bread. They don't do bread. Period.

Openings 2012 (Toronto)

meatnveg recommended Yours Truly back in February and it recently earned high ratings from Toronto Life. I was there last night and will not be going back for three reasons: a) we left hungry because the portion sizes are so small (and I am not a big eater); b) the wine list isn’t great and the mark-ups are ridiculous; c) it’s incredibly noisy: a small room with hard surfaces where sound bounces all over the place, and excessively loud music. We requested it be turned down, and it was still too loud. My dining partner and I were shouting to each other over a small table in order to be heard, and it was difficult to hear the descriptions of the foods as they were being served to us. There is no menu, really. It’s a four-course prix fixe price of $45, and you choose from a list of words on a small piece of paper, like: terroir, egg, salt cod, cote de bouef, spruce. My dining partner requested descriptions of the dishes, which the server recited to her. I said I’m an omnivore and would like the chef to choose for me, whatever he thinks is his best. The food was tasty but not memorable, and we did not think we got good value for what we were paying. The cote de bouef, for example, was a 2.5 oz piece of meat with a small dab of berry-based sauce on the side. Simply not enough food. The service was attentive, however when asked whether we were happy, we gave polite feedback about the noise level and the inadequate quantity of food, and the server simply shrugged. In short, overpriced, undervalued and uncomfortable.

C5 at the ROM (long)

I've been reading Chowhound (with pleasure) for a long time, but am new to posting here. A recent experience at C5, the restaurant at the Royal Ontario Museum, prompted me to sign on. The postings here are largely positive, but I notice they're not recent. My husband and I, and two foodie friends from out-of-town, had an abominable experience at C5 last week.

The service, beginning with the hostess at the door, is pretentious AND incompetent, a nasty combination.

As for the first course, a seared tuna dish from the chef's tasting menu (available on its own, without ordering the entire menu), arrived on a cold plate and the tuna also was stone-cold, as though the entire dish had been composed in advance and stored in the fridge. The fish was sitting on a salad of peaches and mushrooms. I am not joking. I don't often send food back, but I did on this occasion, after tasting it. One of my friends ordered a pasta dish which was extremely salty. She soldiered through most of it, saying she doesn't mind salty food, but then decided there was too much salt even for her. My second course was lobster dish with a "crispy poached egg" on top (crispy due to a breadcrumb coating). When I cut into the egg and the yolk oozed, it was cold. Okay, not as cold as the aforementioned tuna, but it certainly was not warm...not even a bit. When I asked the server, politely, what the temperature should be of this particular dish, she stammered, finally blurting out, "Well, it's NOT supposed to be piping hot." I didn't expect piping hot, but certainly was not prepared to be served a cold poached egg. They offered to re-do the dish, and I agreed. I was brought new cutlery, my dining companions finished eating, the servers cleared all their plates and attempted to clear away my new cutlery too, and I was still waiting for the new lobster dish. When it came, it was exactly the same temperature as the one before it, a fact I relayed to the manager. By this time, I was so hungry, I ate, albeit resentfully.

There was nothing memorable about the rest of the food, and it does not at all live up to the quality of the previous restaurant at the museum, JK-ROM.

My husband, who is a wine writer, was not impressed by the list and he found the mark-ups to be exorbitant.

As we were leaving, I handed over the ticket for my coat, and they couldn't find it. They made several attempts, trotting out the wrong garment each time. Eventually, I was asked to go to the cloakroom to identify which coat was mine.

The mark of a good restaurant is not one that makes no mistakes, but one that knows how to manage the situation when mistakes are made. C5 failed miserably.

It was a very disappointing experience, and I would discourage you STRONGLY from going there.