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Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

Sounds like a great lunch option for a picnic, and I would love to see their art collection. I will definitely take a look at their website. Thank you!

Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

You're welcome! I see your comments in several posts, and I have used your recs in past trips with great success! Cheers, and thank you for posting!

Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

Perfect! Thanks for the feedback, Syrahgirl! I had Chateau Montelena on my original list, so I think I'll add it back, and will definitely try Social Club in Calistoga. That's closer than driving back to St. Helena. I know it will be a while, but I will report back in December! Thanks again!

Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

Found a really good thread from Maria Lorraine (hope I spelled the name correctly), so I've made a few adjustments:

Monday 11/30
11:00 Pick up sandwiches at Sunshine Market
2:00 Tasting Failla
4:30 Tasting at Vintner's Collective
Check into hotel
Dinner at Redd

Tuesday 12/1
10:30 Tasting at Truchard
12:30 Lunch ?? (Bistro Jeanty?)
2:00 Elizabeth Spencer
5:00 Happy/Hour Grace's Table

Wednesday 12/2
10:00 Tasting at Schramsberg
12:00 Lunch at Farmstead
3:00 Tasting at Aubert
Dinner at Bistro Don Giovani

Any other winery or restaurant suggestions? Thanks!

Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

Thanks for the input. I was wondering if Tuesday was a bit ambitious! My friend and I really like all kinds of wines, but I would like to purchase some really good whites. Do you have any favorites?

Napa Itinerary for 50th Bday Celebration

Hi everyone,
My friend and I are headed to Napa for her 50th Bday celebration in November. I've researched and read many of the threads, so looking for some help on winery recommendations. My friend and I love all types of wines, and I think this time around we're looking for more intimate or personalized tastings. I tried to pick wineries we've never been to before with the exception of Schramsberg. I love that place! We both love paired tastings, but are completely open to suggestions. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Monday 11/30
11:00 Elizabeth Spencer
2:00 Faila
4:00 ??
Checking into our Yountville hotel
Dinner? ( Redd?)

Tuesday 12/1
11:00 Far Niente or a tasting room in Napa like Vintner's Collective?
12:00 Hired a driver, so we'll have sandwiches and snacks along the way
1:00 Newton
2:30 Vinecliff for chardonnay
4:00 Corison
Dinner? (Cook?)

Wednesday 12/2
10:00 Schramsberg
11:30 Will have sandwiches and snacks in the car (have a driver)
1:00 Chateau Montelena or La Sirena?
3:00 Aubert (love their chardonnays)
Dinner at JoLe or Goose & Gander

Thursday 12/3
Head back to San Fran!

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

Report From Sonoma/Napa Trip:

Just wanted to post an update on our recent trip to the Sonoma and Napa area. We had a phenomenal trip, and there were some definite favorites. Ok, so here's what we actually did each day:

Martinelli - nice chardonnay, but overall a little disappointing. Several of us purchased wine and they still charged a tasting fee even for those that purchased wine.
Harvest Moon - heard they were known for their zins, but I loved their pinots and everyone in our group of 6 bought several bottles of the pinot. Luscious!
Moshin - I personally loved their granache(bought two bottles) and others in our group bought their zinfandel.
Thomas George - nothing really wowed me here, but I thought they had a decent viognier
We went to eat at a pizza place on the Healdsburg Square - Pizzando - great pizza


Schramsberg - The overall group favorite, their pinots and their cab were excellent, not to mention their stellar bubbly!
Terra Valentine - loved this tasting! They paired it with cheese, nuts & chocolate. Loved their Amore...most of us purchased bottles of this. Had a nice picnic lunch here.
Keenan - least favorite of the group, but I really loved their Reserve Merlot and bought 2 bottles
Pride - excellent wine! Loved everything I tasted here. Gorgeous, gorgeous views! This would have been THE picnic spot...oh well, next time!
Dinner - had dinner at our rental house (items purchased at Big John's Market)

Littorai - My personal favorite winery! Chardonnay and Pinots were heavenly! Unfortunately, they were sold out of the chard, but I'll be looking forward to their spring release!
Lunch - Charcturie on the square in Healdsburg (nice Italian spot, pasta with pesto cream sauce was really good.)
Dinner - Sandwiches from Wild Sage Deli, good sandwiches and awesome breakfast empanadas!

Copain - wonderful chardonnay and pinot (they were only tasting one...darn), didn't care for the syrah's, but the pinot we tasted was excellent
Iron Horse - loved their unoaked chardonnay and beautiful picnic grounds
Lynmar - lovely grounds, the wine was very good...and pricey

Dinner - Dry Creek Kitchen - loved, loved it!

Looking forward to a return trip to try some of the wineries we didn't have a chance to visit. Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions! Cheers!

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

I will report back in mid November. Thanks for the food and wine recs!

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

Any other wineries you especially liked? Good to know about Barndiva, although it seems to get high marks on this board. I'm wondering if the dinner is better because it seems like their lunch menu is more limited. Thanks for your input.

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

Actually, I had never thought about that. We have a driver, so it makes sense to have him drive us to dinner as well. I've been to SolBar, Cook, Jeanty, Bottega, & Bouchon. I'm thinking JoLe sounds really good, and it's on the way back to our rental house. Plus, never considered the traffic...thanks for the help & the restaurant recs! We can wait it out at JoLe and enjoy an early dinner. Like I wrote above, I'll be posting an update mid November upon our return from Sonoma/Napa.

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

Thanks for the info on Rochioli. Thinking now we'll go to Ridge instead of Rochioli, and maybe add Woodenhead on Wednesday. Thank you for the tips and I'll report back in November.

Help whittle down Sonoma/Napa Itinerary

I've been searching extensively on this site for wine tastings for an early November trip to Sonoma, RRV and Dry Creek, with a one day trip to Napa, specifically Spring Mountain. We're a group of 6 women early 40's renting a house in the Dry Creek area, and will have a designated driver for 3 days. We like all types of wine, (we don't discriminate), and love everything from bubbly, dry rose to cab and zinfandel. I do believe that the majority probably have a tendency to like the "new world" style rather than the "old world" style taste. I have a list below of several wineries I've seen recommended on this site, but I'm trying to firm up the itinerary, so would appreciate any of your recs. Our group would prefer great wines over great views, but I think I've included a couple of wineries that provide both. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday: Arrive in Sonoma County around 1:00
Martinelli -
Moshin -
Dinner at Diavola Pizzeria
(also looking at Porter Creek, Joseph Swan, Arista)

Thursday - Napa, Spring Mountain
Schramsberg - 10:00
Terra Valentine - 12:00 (will have lunch here along with paired tasting)
Keenan - 2:00
Pride Mountain - 3:45 (their last appt. of the day, thought about having lunch here?)
Dinner - take out food...any recs? I know Wild Sage & Dry Creek Store may have some prepared meals to take home?

Friday - RRV & Dry Creek
Arnot Roberts - 11:00
Lunch - Mateo's Cocina Latina
Papapietro Perry - 3:00
(looking for one more, considering Amista, Vision Cellars, Unti, Acorn, Forth)
Dinner - Scopa, BarnDiva?

Saturday - RRV
Lynmar Estate - 10:00
Copain - 12:00
Thomas George - 1:30 (picnic lunch)
Rochioli - 3:30 (heard great things, but what do you think? wondering since it takes years to get on their mailing list, if this is worth a stop?)
(also considering Arista, Ridge, Woodenhead)
Dinner - cooking & staying in for our last night

Also, forgot to mention, but we'll pay up to $40/tasting and the majority will be purchasing several bottles of wine on this trip, so probably looking to spend up to $75/bottle, but will spend more for an exceptional bottle of wine. Thanks everyone!