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How did you become vegan?

I'm re-doing my kitchen, looking at cook-top options. I (+ wife cook a lot - stumbled upon this site and joined up). I'm no preachy or a hippy. My wife and I are both professionals (thus looking at 40-50K kitchen remodel) and cool with people trying veg/vegan options or not.

I've been vegan for 4+ years now and never felt better - for health reasons + environmental benefits and to not be a part of 10 billion animals being killed in the US annually.

I did seafood only for about 10 years - then went to Monterrey Aquarium plus became aware of the bad times for fish/seafood production and then became vegetarian. After doing that for about 6 years went vegan and have not looked back.

Correct - zero honey too.

Being an athlete - workout 10-20 hrs/week (Cat 3 road racer (was a Cat1), rock climb 5.11, ice climb 5+ M7 and backcountry ski. I am 6'5 weigh 205 and can do 45 real pull-ups (no cross-fit swinging/momentum). I found that a vegan diet gave me more energy and I recover quicker (dairy being not good for you at all - unless you're a calf). My wife is also an athlete (completed Ironman triathlon and also does backcounty climbing/scrambling 14ers w/ me) and has also noticed more energy and quicker recovery as we get older (in 40s now).

with movies like "forks over knives" and "earthlings" around - I know several people that became vegan cold-turkey recently - with all the fake meat and cheese alternatives I think it's easier than ever to do that.

We get organic local produce delivered weekly via a CSA - community supported agriculture = pretty cool. It's fun to vegan-ize traditional recipes and to explore new plant-based meals. Many great cookbooks around. Our new kitchen is going to be awesome - having fun designing that now.

Sep 02, 2012
bc_co in Vegetarian & Vegan