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Richmond/Sunset - roast duck

Looking for the best place to buy a roast duck in either the Richmond or Sunet districts.

In search of cantonese style fried squab around Chinatown

Where is Yee's? I haven't had soy sauce squab is years! All I see are fried squab.

Recommendation - San Jose, Fremont, San Francisco

Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive place, that has a full bar. Guests are coming from San Jose, Fremont, Burlingame, and San Francisco. Cuisine is open, but something simple. Probably on the peninsula.

Drive in

What is"IIRC"? Was it on Street where there is now a car wash, or another street where Lock World is? Maybe as far back as 60's????

Drive in

Sorry, a restaurant. It was a "walk-up", where you could get burgers, fries, shakes, etc.

Drive in

There used to be a drive-in just down from Masonic Street (towards Ocean Beach), just of Geary Blvd. Can anyone remember the name and/or street it was on?