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Boston Bakeries

Absolutely the best!! Best vanilla cake - very creative - cupcakes are also amazing and beautiful. The best part is that you can almost find last minute cakes that fit whatever your theme. They keep things well stocked and always seem really busy. To me, this also means fresh!

Jan 21, 2008
smv11848 in Greater Boston Area

Good Artisan Bread, etc.

I used to live in Watertown and would shop regularly at all the places you mention above. When I moved to the Northshore, I used to go back to all my old haunts (and still do, although not every week anymore). I had to figure out what I could substitute for Wilson Farms and Russos. There is nothing that even come close, but I've found some new places that are much better than shaws and stop and shop. They are as follows:

Farmland Market - Wakefield - good butcher, bakery -- although not iggys
J Pace and Sons - Saugus - close to Melrose and Wakefield on Farm Street
Bobs - Medford -- small, but great
Trader Joes - Burlington
Roche Brothers - I think Woburn? -- Rt. 3A
Whole Foods - Woburn
Spirited Gourmet - Winchester - good, but could be better -- I have ideas

Favorite local places to eat:
Catch - Winchester
Duck Walk - Wakefield
Sushi Island - Wakefield

Hope this helps.

PS: Someone has to stop the madness of opening these mega stop and shops and shaws all over the north shore.... enough is enough.

Nov 03, 2007
smv11848 in Greater Boston Area

Thin Crust Pizza - NY Style on the N Shore

The best thin crust (true thin crust) pizzas in the Boston area are:

Sweet Tomatoes -- Pesto Splash is too die for
Upper Crust
Penguin Pizza on Huntington - Butternut squash/goat cheese pizza is soooo good
Ilmundo on Huntington
Regina - although depends on location -- North End seems to be have the thinnest crust

Nov 03, 2007
smv11848 in Greater Boston Area