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Kitchenaid Pro or Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer?

In 18 months making bread weekly or every 2 weeks with no more than 5 cups of King Arthur unbleached regular flour, I have smoked the first Artisan motor (having gone no higher than speed 4) and now the gear has broken on the 2nd replacement one (6 months from warranty) having never put it above speed 2 (as directed by the warranty helpline - they know these things burn up easily). The bigger 6 Qt people quote here has the same power output so not sure you get more power, just a bigger bowl and drop down mechanism (I like artisan lift head). On a household move the 6 Qt was on its side and never worked right after than. In summary, I'm moving on from these products and will spend more for real steel and motor windings. Suggest this manufacturer make an old fashioned tough line please.

Sep 02, 2012
Wayne334411 in Cookware