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Today's Temptations Bread

I have serious concerns about the labeling on Today's Temptations "Low-Carb / High Fiber" bread.

They say total carbs is 6g but according to my blood sugar tests, it is my opinion that it's a minimum of 15g per slice. (I am being generous, maybe closer to 20) The kicker is they say 2g net carb. Again, I believe a minimum of 15 net carb. (So their total carb is even higher)

I was excited this week to start using this bread, but after doing glucose tests, it is my opinion they are flat out wrong about the amount of carbs in their bread. It's not just the whole net carbs, it is the total carbs in general. Severely mislabeled in my opinion.

(I am not implying their mislabeling is intentional, I am just saying it is my belief it is seriously wrong. I am warning all insulin users to be extremely careful with this bread.)

Sep 02, 2012
drugrep in Chicago Area