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21st birthday for our twin girls

Max Brenner! Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. (But don't worry, they serve actual food too.)

Max Brenner is a regular pick amongst my Northeastern friends and I for birthday get-togethers. In fact, I had my 20th-birthday gathering there last year, and I'm going to do it again next month when I turn 21. It is right near Copley on Boylston Street.

I don't drink alcohol but my friends who do like Max Brenner a lot. Apparently Max Brenner has a drink called a "White Russian," made with white chocolate? It's supposedly very popular.

Best wishes for the birthday festivities!

Fun Boston restaurant for teenager?

If she likes chocolate, take her to Max Brenner! This place is the Promised Land for chocolate lovers, I'm telling you. (Don't worry, they have normal food in addition to their extensive sweets menu.) I recommend the "choco puffs" hot chocolate and the "Euphoria peanut butter chocolate fudge sundae."

If you're up for something a little more expensive but worth the price, check out the Melting Pot. I think the Boston location does both lunch and dinner. Cheese fondue, hot pot, and chocolate fondue! It's fun, it's different, and would be a memorable experience even if you hadn't had surgery earlier.

Wishing your friend a speedy recovery!

A really good high quality brunch?

I had a great experience at Mistral and regularly recommend it for brunch in the city. Their muffins are to die for!

Gaslight and Hamersley's Bistro, both in the South End, are also excellent. You can't go wrong with any of those three.

Need vegetarian options (at least) around Newton, Dedham, Wellesley

Cafe Mangal in Wellesley has some good vegetarian options. I wrote about it on my blog, if you're curious to see some photos:

It is worth noting that my post only covers lunch, which is quite relaxed and informal, but dinner is a more fancy, white-tablecloth experience. The food was just as great, though!

Food trucks at Somerville's Pop-Up Plaza, 9/9-9/11

A brief guide to the Mei Mei menu from a blogger on a mission to try every food truck in Boston:

The "Double Awesome" is a scallion pancake sandwich with two poached eggs, homemade pesto, and Vermont cheddar, and it is even more awesome than its name states.

If you're looking for something a bit lighter, you want the "Magical Kale Salad" with a poached egg, topped with garlic Panko bread crumbs and rice wine vinaigrette. This is one of the few dishes that will get me to eagerly eat vegetables.

If shaved ice is offered, Just Do It. You'll never think of a snow cone the same way. I just about swooned when I tried their blueberry-ginger shaved ice a few weeks ago ... and then I went back for a second helping.

If you didn't already love corn fritters, you will after trying Mei Mei's. They go well with the soy aioli, because it turns out that everything goes well with Mei Mei's soy aioli.

The barley salad with dried cranberries and peanut brittle is such a weird combination but I am head-over-heels for it.

If every restaurant made dumplings as packed with flavor as Mei Mei, I would order them more often.