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Agave Nectar

Trader Joe's!

NYC Visitors

NYC foodies coming to town to celebrate my birthday. My parents will be with us, and while they are hip and cool, we need a not too noisy place with fab food.

Garden at the Cellar - great food, no rez, and beaucoup noise
Craige on Main - no rez availalbe

Cuisine preference: nothing ethnic, but forget boring! Nothing stuffy; a little pricey is ok, too.

Help!! Bon appetit, and thanks.

Fugakyu Alternative

Help! I am meeting a friend in Brookline tonight and need a place other than Fugakyu for tsasty sushi. Would like to see what else is out there. Appreciate any insight. Cheers.

Damn fine burger at Celebrity Pizza, Watertown

Damn fine burger at Jay's Ice Cream in Malden. Went the other night, and I may have mentioned it before, but it is still really good. Hand made; no patties. And the ice cream is a nice treat to further treat the tastebuds.

local Italian in north end- need recs, dont want to get tourist trapped

Monica's Trattoria is fantastic. There is another Monica's but it is fancier, and I have not been. At the Trattoria, everything is wonderful, and if you like what you have eaten, head over to their storefront marketplace and pick up delicious homemade pastas, sauces, salumi, etc. The static menu items are very reasonably priced; the specials not so much.

Celebration Lunch

Thank you!

We ended up walking around the Back Bay and made our way to the South End and had a nice late lunch at Petit Bistro Robert. The food, wine and service were all great, except for the incredibly loud couple seated next to us. They apparently did not get the memo about close seating and being courteous to your neighbors. I was with my best guy, and we found parking in both places. Added bonus.

Where to buy Richardson's half-gallons

Jay's Ice Cream in Malden Square. They sell prepacks and DIY packs in a variety of sizes and flavors. They also have a new food set up -- great pizza (homemade dough and sauce) and sandwiches.

Celebration Lunch

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and want to find a special wonderful place for lunch tomorrow in Boston. Thanks for the help.

Drinks and Dinner in Beacon Hill area?

Don't do it!!

Had dinner thee on Saturday night. Lots of hard surfaces = NOISY. Food is ok. They miss on a lot of entrees. Like someone behind the line forgot to add salt and a variety of herbs and spices. The price range is broad, but if you have an entree, it gets pricey. Like too many Boston restaurants, you end up helping the owners pay rent, while eating their overpriced mediocre foods. Nice atmosphere, but if you want good food at that price, there are lots of alternatives.

Sourcing Local Farms (including meat & poultry)

Another great place to check out is Green Acres Farm in Hamilton. It is a co-op you can buy into and you get a sahre of the farm's bounty. The website is Worth a look.

Awesome Cakes on North Shore?

Nico's in Salem. Been to way too many birthday parties lately, and comparing the two side by side, Nico is the winner. He is an Albanian immigrant and is a truly talented artist. Flowers, images, you name it. And he gives a wonderful choice of fillings, frostings and flavors. If it isn't on his list, just ask, and if he can do it, he will. Incredibly beautiful flowers. Enjoy.

Sablone's new location

In an area that sorely needs need restaurants, I was very excited about Sablone's' opening. If the Uno's opening and full parking lot in Vinnin Square is any indication of the demand in this area, (restaurateurs take notice!) then I don't know what is!

I am sad to report that this Sablone's is just a shadow of its former East Boston, clown laden, incredible red sauce self. Oh Al, we miss you! The red sauce lacked flavor, no real sweet tang, and this is the sauce that made Sablone's a real veal and vintage. In fact, something was missing from everything we ordered: pasta fagioli, chicken parm, veal parm. It was not the worst meal, but to this long time fan of a favorite pre-Logan meal, it was a bit of a disappointment.


There are so many wonderful orchards in and around the immediate area. You should contact them to see what they grow in the winter. The website has lists of Essex County farms, but my guess is that you can find lots of others around. And if they have picking, it is a great activity. Plus, you are supporting local farmers, and you know where your food comes from. Enjoy!

Heard anything about L'Andana?

I think overall the prices on Boston menus are high. Rent is so expensive in town that it is passed directly to the consumer, and in turn, restaurants in the burbs can charge higher prices. Most upscale restaurants, casual upscale to coat/tie upscale in Boston, whether they are New York/Chicago/LA quality or not, charge higher prices than deserved, IMHO. My husband and I, who dined out at all levels regularly in Chicago, were completely shocked at how $$$ it is to eat out in Boston. Sadly, it is those high rents that ultimtely cause great neighborhood joints to close.

Le Voile on Newbury Street

We ate there on Saturday night. A very rainy night, and they greeted us at the door with towels, assistance with wet coats, and placement for umbrellas. An excellent start to what turned out to be a wonderful meal.

I couldn't agree more on the saucisson. My only disappointment was that my friends ate their portions, as well. Between the four of us, we ordered the Leek salad (a little bland on the dressing); marrow (good portion size); endive salad; roast chicken (very well seasoned, crispy); veal loin (perfectly cooked, juicy, flavorful, tender beyond belief); and bouillabaise. Conversation ceased once our entrees arrived. To top of excellent entrees, the sides were plentiful (ratatouille, potato gratin, roasted tomato with herb stuffing) and beautifully presented. Desserts, while small, were wonderful; designed as a little something sweet after the meal, not as an additional course.

Service was quick, unobtrusive, and attentive. Can't wait to enjoy the beautiful patio when the weather is as hospitable as the owners and staff at La Voile.

A big shout out for Whole Foods cheese dept

Vosges has come a long way since its start as a storefront in Chicago. Good for them. Have you tried the Cranberry Pepper Jelly with any of the cheeses from Whole Foods? A wonderfully savory appetizer with brie, wrapped in dough and baked to a melted gooey treat. A local company, I think. (Just got my jar -- New England Cranberry).