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Biryani House?

Thank you so much! Now I've got somewhere to go for dinner on "Family Day"! LOL
I'm pretty sure it'll be good like you say, but i'll post and update you guys.

Biryani House?

Does anyone know exactly where the NEW Biryani House is???

I haven't been back in the area since November, and I was told they were closing in january...

Please Please Please, any info would be helpful! I do not want to have to resort to go to the wellesley location.

Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

Saigon Palace for vietnamese pho. I am surprised it is only mentioned once... I live all the way in Scarborough-Agincourt area, and I would travel all the way to College & Spadina just to get Saigon's yummy Pho! Plus their spring rolls are the best!

Wah-Sing for Lobster. This was also only mentioned once, but is also another place I would go out of my way for a special meal. We're filipino, so wah-sing is our spot for special occasions. It's my sister's bday next week and we are slated to go. I'm so excited! They cook their lobster very simple but tasty, with green onion and ginger. It's a small place in a small neighborhood, but it's worth it!

Biryani House?

Latest news: My husband and I just went to Biryani House (Roy Square loc) this past saturday night for dinner. We asked whether they were closing down at the end of the year. They said that Yes, they were closing along with the rest of the place, and that Yes, they will reopen but are still on the lookout for a new location.

When I heard this, I was so relieved, bc eventhough I've never tried theWellesley location, the Roy Square location is our fave Indian food spot! The guy knows us (even though I dont know his name), and the food is super! My husband is allergic to almost anything and is also quite picky, but he loves their butter chicken. My sister and I also love their Sag Ghost (beef) or Sag Lamb, the Mushroom Curry is tasty ...and one should try the Pakoras at least once. Ooh, and the Mango Lassi too!

Wherever Biryani House reopens, I hope it is somewhere nearby ...but even if it's not I know we will still find a way to get there.