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Lewes Delaware area - good foods, 5 yr old friendly

We are taking our 5 yr old to the lewes area for a long weekend over the 4th (and a dog!).

What are the best kid friendly restaurants for lunch and dinner? I hate bad food! Thanks!

Jun 27, 2015
mansfield in Mid-Atlantic

Best chocolate birthday cake

It is my husband's birthday next weekend and he loves dark chocolate (not white, and not so much milk choc). I would like a really wonderful birthday cake for him. Need bakery to be in NW DC or Southern MD (Cleveland Park through Bethesda area preferably). Thanks!

nice dinner near W Downtown

Any suggestions? One of us is coming in from CA, the other from DC. We would prefer it walkable. Wednesday night.

Ideas much appreciated!

Apr 04, 2013
mansfield in Atlanta

Good Bread Pudding in NW DC up to Bethesda area for sick child?

Our little boy has not eaten in 3 days due to an illness. Whenever he would get sick in San Francisco, where we just moved from, we would get him bread pudding from a fabulous nearby cafe/bakery. Is there any good bread pudding in NW, preferably close to the MD border? Thanks!

Good mid-priced French, Italian or Mediterranean Restos from Bethesda to Upper NW

We are new and in the Chevy Chase DC area. My inlaws are coming for their 1st visit. My MIL is a bit limited in her food likes, although she is an excellent cook, etc. Her favorites are french and italian restos. I would prefer to stay north of Georgetown/Dupont if possible, and Bethesda would be great. Thanks in advance.

GrassFed Veal

Does anyone know who carries grassfed veal around here? I know there are some small local farmers who do, I bumped into one at a downtown market one day but he did not have a card and I lost the name.

Many thanks!

ISO Outstanding Chocolate Cake for Big Birthday - preferably in Marin

My husband is a chocoholic. We recently moved to Marin. Any ideas for spectacular choco. cakes here for his big birthday coming up? Or recipes (worst case)? Thanks

Any excellent Buche de Noels in San Francisco, other than Tartine Bakery? Also, Croquembouches?

We are covering dessert for the family Xmas eve dinner. Anyone had excellent buche de noel and/or croquembouche?

Thanks in advance

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Medical treatment at UC Davis next week - any good restaurants nearby?

Thanks. We will be driving up from Southern Marin in the wee hours of the morning. We hope to be done with the dr.s around 1230, and then will be driving back to Southern Marin.

May 27, 2010
mansfield in California

Medical treatment at UC Davis next week - any good restaurants nearby?

We just found out that a team of different types of vet. dr.s have agreed to see our very sick puppy next Tuesday, so we will be driving from SF to UC Davis. I have never been to that area.

It will be my husband's 50th birthday, so I would like to enjoy a nice lunch (nothing fancy needed - just good food as opposed to mediocre food). Anyone have any ideas? We are having an Italian dinner back in SF with friends, so preferably not Italian. I am 8 months pregnant so Sushi and most fish is out.

Many thanks in advance.

May 27, 2010
mansfield in California

Any delivery recommendations in Mill Valley area?

Thanks, but we were hoping for restaurants who deliver themselves. We have heard really bad things about roomservice marin.

Any delivery recommendations in Mill Valley area?

We have guests coming over for a casual get-together and delivery (pizza or anything decent) is probably the only option at this point. We just moved to Mill Valley from SF. Anyone know who delivers around Mill Valley?

Many thanks

Do you know where to get grass-fed veal in any restaurants in San Francisco/North Marin

Thanks to all. I called Prather but they said no restaurants are buying it!

Best Veal (Picatta, Marsala, Parmagina, etc) in San Francisco/North Marin

Pregnant woman craving veal needs help! Thanks

Do you know where to get grass-fed veal in any restaurants in San Francisco/North Marin

Many thanks

In town for medical treatment, looking for organic food/free range meats

We are in town for a week for medical treatment (staying in Century City near the medical facility).

We would like to eat good food mostly organic (or at least local farm grown/no pesticides) and free range meats.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 17, 2009
mansfield in Los Angeles Area

Denver Organic/Fresh Produce

We will be in the Denver/Englewood area for 10-14 days this month for medical treatment. We are from the Bay Area and try to go to restaurants that serve organic or at least local farm produce and non-hormone/free rangemeats - a la Alice Waters/Chez Panisse. We have done several quick searches for Denver area restaurants fitting this bill - but to no avail. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Nov 02, 2007
mansfield in Southwest