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Best Restaurant for Salmon in Pacific NW?

Hello! I'm planning a trip up to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to fish for salmon. I was just wondering if you guys could let me in on the best restaurants at which to get salmon in Alaska or Washington. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Best eggs in NYC!

Hello all! This is actually my first post, but when I thought about where to find this information, I immediately knew Chow would be the best place to find it. So, the story: I'm writing a book. It pretty much deals with how I'm a picky eater, and how I'm trying to get over my dislike of certain foods by trying the best of these foods that I possibly can.

So, my question is, where can I go to find the best eggs in New York? Scrambled, poached, fried, quiches, frittatas, everything. I want to eat as many egg dishes as I can to get over my pickiness.

Any help any of you can offer would be lovely. Thanks!

Jun 06, 2008
notomatoesplease in Manhattan