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Suggestions for St Pat's day dessert--NOT cake

Thank you ALL for your wonderful and creative ideas! Lots to choose from here. In fact, I may just do more than one!
Slainte, everyone!

Mar 11, 2013
mededitor in Home Cooking

Suggestions for St Pat's day dessert--NOT cake

We're hosting a st Pat's day traditional dinner, for which I'll be baking my classic Irish soda bread. So I'd love suggestions for an Irish dessert that isn't cakey, since the soda bread is rather heavy and will already fill that bill. Banoffee? I'm stumped.

Mar 10, 2013
mededitor in Home Cooking

Cheesy chicken rice bake from scratch?

Bex109: Did the reply you got below sound familiar? I'm tempted to try it, but not sure about the tomatoes....If you find your original recipe, please share-it sounds delish.

May 18, 2010
mededitor in Home Cooking

Woodberry Kitchen

Hubby and & I went this past wknd with another couple. I had heard so much about WK and we happily support local farmers ourselves, and I was familiar with Spike's earlier restaurants, so I was prepared to fall in love with the place. Not so.
Lovely dining on the patio, but the food was surprisingly mediocre. The kitchen pickles and olives were delicious--very nice variety of veggies, including watermelon! and various pickling flavors. Deviled eggs were a hit. The fresh heirloom tomatoes were served in a rather lackluster presentation with little taste aside from the jalapeno oil that accompanied them. Good coarse salt and a chiffonade of basil could have brought out the flavor more. Two ordered the shortribs and found them very fatty, almost too greasy to enjoy. Hubby left most of his, and he's a big beef enthusiast, so that was disappointing.
I ordered the European striped bass with grilled eggplant. Expecting a filet, I was very surprised to be served a whole fish, slit and grilled. Looked lovely. But because we were dining by the light of a small candle, it was very difficult to see the fish, and it had not been boned, so I had to hunt and peck my way through it. In addition, sadly, the fish was not fresh, it was extremely fishy and the smell lingered on my hands and at the table for quite a while. (Yes, I know that striped bass/rockfish is a strong, gamey fish. But this fish was just "off". ) The eggplant were very plain and looked just...dry, brown, and wrinkled, and had little flavor; not as sweet as they can be when grilled correctly. The 4th of our party ordered the seared tuna, which he declared delicious, and cooked exactly as he requested.
The service was strange. Our waitress had NO sense of humor (it was not terribly busy when we arrived, so she didn't appear overworked), so that put a little damper on the evening, and she was not terribly attentive. Much needless ado over the coffee service, with 4 different orders placed in front of the wrong orderer. The French-press coffee was indeed spectacular, but my espresso was highly bitter and hubby's capuccino was lukewarm by the time it arrived. We finally settled in to dessert. The flourless chocolate cake was "so-so," according to the two chocoholics in our group. My double-crusted blueberry pie was lovely and the crust was perfect, yet I was surprised to find myself thinking "is this canned blueberry pie filling in here?"
All in all, we were just....kinda...disappointed---the experience left us with an "eh?" feeling, so we won't rush to go back. We might try again in the fall, and see how they do with autumn fare.

How do you preserve garlic?

After finding a bargain bag of 25+ whole garlic heads @ Sam's, I just threw the whole heads in plastic zipper bags and put them in the freezer. I take them out as I need them, and break off the cloves. The only thing that appears to happen is that they turn gold and translucent. But freezing does not seem to affect the taste. Anyone have further info about freezing garlic? Good idea or bad?

Nov 11, 2008
mededitor in Home Cooking

The best hot chocolate

Angelina's in Paris has the most heavenly, sinful hot chocolate. They do sell it prepackaged, as little chocolate bits, which you stir into hot milk. I can't find a website for you, but if anyone you know is traveling there, it's worth asking them to visit Angelina's and bring you back a bag. You won't be disappointed. It's like drinking a hot Hershey bar, but even better!

Oct 30, 2008
mededitor in Home Cooking

Sauerkraut Balls recipes?

Baltimore girl looking for a good, rather simple recipe for Sauerkraut balls to serve at a Ravens/Browns football party this weekend. Ohioans: do you have a family recipe you're willing to share? Suggestions for other sources welcome!

Oct 30, 2008
mededitor in Home Cooking

Cleveland Menu for Ravens/Browns Game?

A request from Baltimore: We're planning a party for the Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns game and want to serve "Cleveland" food. (Baltimore food would be steamed crabs & beer...) Question for group: What's "classic" Cleveland fare for a football game?
Brats on the grill? Cincinnati Chili? What are the "must-haves" for Browns tailgate parties?

Sep 16, 2008
mededitor in Home Cooking

Asian Spring Chicken Salad

Apr 18, 2008
mededitor in Recipes

Brunch in Laurel?

Meeting DC friends in Laurel on Sunday. looking for a place for brunch/lunch. Doesn't have to be "brunch" per se. Any suggestions? Neither of us knows Laurel at all!

Family dinner tonight in Baltimore

Perhaps the Chameleon Cafe, on Harford Road, in Lauraville. Great menu, local foods, intimate dining room. On-street parking only, I think.