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Real Cider in Toronto?

you are correct, taterbrandy. however, i just got some cans that have been rebranded. the new ones no longer say "certified organic" (disappointing as apples are one of the worst fruits for pesticide content), and it no longer has the ingredients listed (apples, fizzy stuff), and now says it contains sulphites.


Real Cider in Toronto?

i realize this is an ancient thread, but if anyone comes across it looking for a wonderful dry cider, try William Cider. It's organic, Canadian, sulphite-free, no added sugar. As far as I can tell, nothing but organic apples and whatever makes it fizzy. No cloying taste, no "battery acid" aftertaste like some ciders give me, no sugary teeth. It's crisp, light and subtle. It's so fantastic. Really well-priced, too, on par or cheaper than Strongbow, Bulmer's and good ol' Sir Perry. Happy drinking!