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Cast Iron Pan

are wkm pans any good? i just got a heavily rusted one that i cleaned up, and am in the middle of seasoning. i notice on mine that the cooking surface is very smooth, which is nice

Testing (debunking?) the flaxseed method for seasoning cast iron

I just received a heavily rusted skillet from a co worker that didnt want to take the time to fix it up. so following the advice on other topics here, i used vinegar for about an hour after taking the flaky stuff off. worked like a charm. I wish I researched that before I tried sanding it down for an entire afternoon trying to get rid of all the rust. oh well, I idigress. With the newly cleaned pan, I decided to try the flaxseed oil method, as we have had a bottle of it laying around in the fridge for a very long time, never getting used for anything. So I gave it the quick wipe of the paper towel to give it a nice thin coat of oil, and threw it into the oven. And I figured, hey, I also have this Ikea CI pan that I have been using for a while now, and it could use another layer of seasoning, so lets do that one at the same time. Boy oh boy was that a mistake. They both come out of the oven tacky. you could probably stand a ladle vertical in the pan and it would hold it up. So now I am in the process of stripping both pans again, and re-seasoning them both, this time, I am going to stick with my tried and true method of using Tenderflake. It is pure lard, and I had great sucess with it on my ikea pan before I decided to mess it up with flax oil.

Aug 29, 2012
colinlinton in Cookware