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Date night on a Sunday in Culver City

I will second the recs for MB Post and Little Sister, with MB Post being more on the "fun" side. Great food at both, and both do a great steak dish (Shaky Shaky beef @ LS and grilled skirt @ MBP).

It's a bit past Culver City but myself and my wife love Plan Check in Sawtelle....again more on the "fun" date night side with a focus on their awesome burgers, but worth a trip if that's what you like. Actually my last 2 Sunday night dinners were both MB Post and Plan Check.

Jan 11, 2015
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)

Went out to O-Sho last night on Sepulveda with a buddy. Figure I'll post a quick review. He likes sushi and it's his go-to place so I figured I'd give it a try. I guess I'll call it "mid-tier" sushi, and for the money I thought it was pretty good. We sat at the bar and I followed his lead, adding a few sushi picks of my own. Here's a summary of what we ordered:

spicy tuna roll
spicy shrimp roll
hamachi sushi
ikura sushi
squid sushi
ono sushi (escolar)
aji sushi
hotate sushi
"starter salads"
large sapporo

We might have doubled up on the hamachi order, can't remember. I was hoping to try the uni but they were sold out. I think the aji and hamachi were the best cuts of the bunch. Hotate was pretty decent, although lacking that pristine finish you'll get at higher end places. Spicy tuna roll and spicy shrimp rolls were both the spicy mayo style, and had a good flavor. I usually don't order rolls but my buddy likes them.

Bill was $43 each including 20% tip. Place was clean and 5 minute driving distance from my house. I'll return again to give it another try, but for the money I say it gets a passing score. Obviously the price puts it in a different caliber than the places I originally called out (Sushi Park, Jinpachi).

Jan 11, 2015
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)

Thanks. Forgot to mention I've been to Sugarfish shortly after moving here, Beverly Hills location. Sorry don't mean to sound like a snob, but I thought it was just ok, although a good value for the money. I will say after our visits to Akatora and Shima...Sugarfish got a little better in comparison.

Dec 19, 2014
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)

Thanks! I've been to FWD a few times already. Great seafood for sure!! Will have to try Nozomi and will keep Coni Seafood in mind. @young_chower, yes my handle is true...seafood lover and fisherman.

Dec 19, 2014
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)


Dec 19, 2014
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)

Thank you both!
Will do.

Dec 14, 2014
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Sushi in South Bay (revisited)

Hello, sorry to post this topic again on this board, but I searched and cannot find any recent information on this topic for South Bay. We recently moved to Manhattan Beach from Seattle and are in search of good sushi. Good sushi means a lot of things to a lot of people, to me it means Jinpachi in West Hollywood or Sushi Park on Sunset. I've been to both places and though both were excellent, just tired of making the drive every time we need a sushi fix. Will try a roll if it sounds interesting, but we like to sit at the sushi bar and have the sushi chef serve up whatever nigiri he/she likes for the day, then finish up with some uni :)

We've tried the following places nearby:
Akatora - disappointed
Izaka-Ya - disappointed
Shima (Venice) - disappointed and total rip off

I would probably try Izaka-Ya again, but forget the other two. If anyone is familiar with Seattle sushi restaurants, we went to Kisaku almost every weekend. If I could find anything like that here I would cry from happiness.

Any help appreciated. Thanks again!

Dec 14, 2014
pescaholic in Los Angeles Area

Pike Street or Pike Place Market - Large Group

I'll second Tulio's. We were there for a work dinner a few years back (group of 50+) and I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Plus, the I thought the upstairs was a cool place to hang out. The staff was also very attentive.

Dec 07, 2012
pescaholic in Greater Seattle


I live nearby too, and did see that. The only reports I've heard were similar to yours, bad. I wish them well but I would never set foot in a restaurant that needed an intervention by Ramsay and crew. Some of the K.N. episodes I've seen were so scary I thought they were staged. Mabye they were, who's TV after all. Curious to hear if they can turn it around, and make it last.

Dec 05, 2012
pescaholic in Greater Seattle

Bellevue for a group HH

Try the Taphouse Grill.

Beer selection is great. They also serve cocktails. From what I remember food is pretty good too.

Nov 12, 2012
pescaholic in Greater Seattle

Visiting Seattle after 13 years away...where should we eat?

If you want to revisit any of the Tom Douglas establishments, brunch at Lola's and the burger at Palace Kitchen are two of my favorites. We like to eat at the bar at the latter with a few beers. I think Ettas serves excellent seafood (recent confirmation from some visitor friends) but my last few fishing trips to Alaska have been somewhat successful so I rarely go out for it. 

We've had a bit of a pizza scene emerge since you left Seattle. Delancey on 70th and 15th is my favorite. Bar del Corso (already mentioned) is also very good. 

I moved here in 1999 and must have gone to Flying Fish about 50 times within those first few years. Every visitor got a trip there no question. Loved the fish tacos on the "late night" menu when all else was closed up. I ate at Steelhead Diner a few years ago and thought it was excellent. Enjoy your trip. Seattle's a great food town :)

Sep 05, 2012
pescaholic in Greater Seattle

Good quality/price restaurants in Greece!

cellophane_star, thanks for the Eva's Garden recommendation! I've been searching the board the past few days trying to find the good food among the tourist traps. Eva's was great and the staff very friendly. For apps we had grilled eggplant, a pita dish with two cheese/yogurt dips, and a rocket/parm salad. All of it very tasty. I was originally seeking seafood but wasn't feeling it from the menu. Our waiter suggested the lamb with lemon sauce...fall off the bone tender. My wife had the pork chop/apple sauce...also very good.

Some other Mykonos notes:

KIKI'S - a small BBQ hut on Agios Sostis beach. Fantastic grilled seabass, grilled eggplant, and misc Greek salads. No signs. Just follow signs for AS beach and you'll find it. Lunch only but it runs into late afternoon. We turned it into an early dinner. Reasonable prices. It's a bit out of the way but very worth it!

TASOS - on Paraga Beach. Lunch consisting of grilled halumi, rocket, and prosciutto salad, and an order of grilled octopus. Salad was a tasty and plentiful combo, and octopus grilled nice and tender. If you want a beach day check out Paraga and hit Tasos for lunch.

PASTA FRESCA BARKIA - in the main town with a fresh pasta dog-n-pony show in the front. Don't ask why we went mistake. Just ***stay away***. Large portions of the most flavorless pasta we've ever eaten. I ate half my seafood pasta and just stopped once I realized it tasted like nothing. I can't remember the last time I did that. I either clean the plate or it comes home with me. Not this time.

GELARTE - gelato place in main town in front of water. It was our favorite of the variety. We hit it nightly.

Anyways we loved Mykonos for the beaches and scenery but the dining was a bit tough. If it weren't for Kiki's running a late lunch we were going to return to Eva's for dinner to sample some more of the menu...there was definitely more that sounded appealing.. I didn't want to risk another bomb in the main town.

To anyone reading, enjoy your trip. Apologies for any wacky grammar or spelling...typed this on an iPhone. Cheers and good eats.

Sep 03, 2012
pescaholic in Europe