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Oakland taco truck caterer

Yes it was $13 per head which included three types of tacos - chicken, steak and pork. Salsas, the the usual taco truck fixins. Rice and beans. They also provided the plates, forks, and napkins. No guacamole so I ordered it from Mi Pueblo and got the traditional guacamole with Mi Pueblo's outstanding chips and salsa and then guacamole salsa to have at the the taco cart. They would have brought guacamole but it was pricey and I was going to Mi Pueblo anyway so I got it there. They were totally fine with me doing that and having it at the cart.

Some folks had quite a few tacos. They gave me whatever leftovers I wanted. They brought enough and there was some carne asada for later.

Oakland taco truck caterer

I ended up using Tacos Brothers Garcia based on a recommendation on this board. Thanks Melanie for steering me in the right direction.

I did try a couple others based on recommendations but they were booked so I gave these guys a call. They already had a couple other events that day but they could fit in mine because it was in the evening.

They were very easy to deal with. They were a little late but it all worked out and the tacos were great. It was a hit for sure.

Tacos Brothers Garcia
1412 25th St
Richmond CA, 94806
(510) 224-7206

Shakewell - First Visit [Lakeshore, Oakland]

Had dinner last night at Shakewell and it's my new favorite spot. I thought it was walk ins only but we were able to make an reservation for two on Friday night. Great cocktails. We only had a few items because we were going to a graduation party afterwards but everything was delicious. We started off with the chicken liver mouse, then we split the fried chicken and finished up with the lamb skewers and cucumber salad. As excellent as the fried chicken and the lamb, the star of the show was the perfectly prepared couscous that came with the lamb. Yelp reviewers complained about portion size but everything that we had seemed reasonable. Good service as well. Looking forward to going back and sampling more of the menu.

Oakland taco truck caterer

Yes this does look very good. I think I'll give them both a call. Thanks much.

Oakland taco truck caterer

I did check out this thread ( but anyone have any recent taco truck cater recommendations. Around 50 for a high school grad party at the end of June in Oakland. Please let me know.

Steakhouse in Oakland?

Here is a second for Sidebar's steak frites and the burger is my fave in the East Bay or anywhere for that matter.

Italian on a Sunday night [San Francisco]

That looks good too. I would love to go to La Ciccia but I'm not quite sure it's great for my kids. Plin looks more accessible but La Ciccia is tempting. I can't get a reservation for the 15th so I guess we'll keep looking but Plin does look promising.

Italian on a Sunday night [San Francisco]

Good to know. I'll take a look at La Ciccia's menu. I know A16 isn't the same in the East Bay but I think we'll try something different. Thanks you save me lots of yelping.

Italian on a Sunday night [San Francisco]

We are heading to the Keith Haring exhibit next Sunday and I thought it would be a great chance to try one of the Italian spots in SF. We rarely dine in SF so I'm out of touch. Nothing super fancy just looking for some great pasta dishes. No need to stick to certain areas because we'll have a car. I did search but I didn't find anything recent and I'm not familiar with the restaurant names.

In the East Bay, we like Dopo and Corso if that helps.

Kouzina Greek Street Food, Montclair (Oakland)

Yes I think it is an attempt to jump on the food truck bandwagon. It's good maybe a notch below Simply Greek but they do have a few beers on tap. We've had the gyros, soup, fries, and rice. All good but I wouldn't go out of my way if I didn't live in Montclair. But you are right, the options aren't so hot so I was happy to see the old hauf brau morph into Greek food.

lunch rec for East bay between hwy 92 and skyline Blvd.

Well I live in Montclair and I'm pretty fond of the tacqueria and the new Greek spot is decent as well. But I might be tempted to grab some sandwiches from Banh Mi Ba Le. That would be a pretty quick jaunt off 880 and then you could head up the hill.

And then a little more out of the way is Genova with a quick on ramp to 24 and then 13.

Restaurants/wineries in Pleasanton or Livermore area.

I have a couple to recommend. Oasis Grill on Main Street in Pleasanton has semi private rooms and is quite good. I've gone there for a few work dinners. I also recently went to Posada in Livermore and loved it. They also have a wine tasting menu. There were a few folks in the small restaurant sampling various bottles of wine and chatting with one of the owners.

East End (Alameda)

We went last week after a mini golf outing at SubPar. I really like East End and it's great for my entire family. We also could have gone their for my daughter's bday with the salumi, Caesar, and Bolognese request. I love that they also have oysters on the menu. I also found that I ate the pizza crust. Even at my fave Dopo, I do leave the crust behind. We'll definitely be going back.

Tamales East Bay

This looks promising. Thanks. Tamales Unicos de Cuernavaca seems like it is not open at any location.

Tamales East Bay

Heading up North on the 26th and I'm bringing dinner. I thought I could pick up tamales. Does anyone know where I can get some good ones. I think I need about two dozen or maybe 30. Oakland would be ideal. Thanks

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

I was able to book a table at Corso. Thanks again for the help.

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

Hallelujah! I just skipped looking at Corso because I thought it wasn't quite right. But that will do it. I was about to post about Paison or Trattoria La Siciliana. Even thinking of Italian Colors since it is very close to where we live. Thanks for the sleuthing. Now I just need to see if I can get a reservation.

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

Opening this up again because I think Centouno is closed. There was a tip on Yelp and I've tried to phone during their open hours and there is no answer. So I am opening this up to Berkeley and Lafayette if there is anything else that fits the bill. The dinner is this Sunday. We are heading to Bucca de Beppo in a couple weeks when we see a show so don't want to go there again.

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

When we went to Desco, I was yelping close restaurants and saw that one come up and thought she might prefer it over Desco. I think it does indeed cover the all of the requirements. I'd love to hear any chowhound experience there. Thanks for the recommendation.

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

Just a little more to help narrow it down. We love Dopo and they have the salumi covered but not a Caesar or Bolognese all of the time. We tried Desco and the pasta was what she was looking for but no salumi or Caesar. I checked Riva Cucina but not quite right either.

Looking for an Oakland Italian restaurant for a kid's bday

So my daughter wants to go to an Italian restaurant for for her bday dinner. Her favs are Bolognese, Caesar salad, and salumi. I can think of places that have two of the the three but not all of them. Any ideas? We'd prefer to stay in Oakland.

$1 oysters

OK looking again for $1 oysters in Saturday in SF. I think we are going to the Castro for the sing-a-long at 1 PM tomorrow. We could also head back to Oakland and we have that covered so looking for something in SF ideally close to the Castro.

Can I get a recommendation for a restaurant for dinner in Marin?

I was in the same boat last weekend and we ended up going to Bungalow 44 in Mill Valley and had a very nice meal. We went early to catch the $1 oysters and after two dozen of those, we split a couple salads. We had four different entrees and everyone was happy. Mine was a simple and delicious wild salmon with green beans in a light saffron sauce. We shared a dessert and had cocktails and wine. It was a very good choice and I'd happily return.

Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

I remember a big TV but I guess I better check that they'll have it on.

Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

Maybe a little outside your area but we were thinking of Adesso for tonight's game.

Your go-to delivery for dinner in Oakland/Berkeley?

We use Eat24 and get Indian from Flavors of India Bistro and Banana Blossom. Both spots I like with or without delivery.

Where can I buy Bread Bowls in Oakland?

great ideas, thanks.

Where can I buy Bread Bowls in Oakland?

Last time I needed them, I went to Boudin but I'd like to find something closer to home. Any ideas?

Ruth's annual birthday dinner dilemma -- 2014 edition

I appreciate your dilemma. With all the fabulous restaurants, I still find myself searching for the best spot.

After reading through the posts and your criteria, I'd suggest Haven but I'll throw out a couple others:
Marica on College in Oakland - fab reviews on yelp and varied menu. The dark chocolate souffle gets rave reviews. I love their lobster dish.
Garcon in the city - Went there recently and realized how much I love good French food. It might be too loud though.

Best place to buy cooked & cracked crab in San Francisco?

I went to Alioto Lazio Fish Company for the first time before Christmas. I needed 8 crabs and they were delicious. They were large and super sweet. The tanks are plentiful and clean. I'll definitely be back.