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Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

I remember a big TV but I guess I better check that they'll have it on.

Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

Maybe a little outside your area but we were thinking of Adesso for tonight's game.

Your go-to delivery for dinner in Oakland/Berkeley?

We use Eat24 and get Indian from Flavors of India Bistro and Banana Blossom. Both spots I like with or without delivery.

Where can I buy Bread Bowls in Oakland?

great ideas, thanks.

Where can I buy Bread Bowls in Oakland?

Last time I needed them, I went to Boudin but I'd like to find something closer to home. Any ideas?

Ruth's annual birthday dinner dilemma -- 2014 edition

I appreciate your dilemma. With all the fabulous restaurants, I still find myself searching for the best spot.

After reading through the posts and your criteria, I'd suggest Haven but I'll throw out a couple others:
Marica on College in Oakland - fab reviews on yelp and varied menu. The dark chocolate souffle gets rave reviews. I love their lobster dish.
Garcon in the city - Went there recently and realized how much I love good French food. It might be too loud though.

Best place to buy cooked & cracked crab in San Francisco?

I went to Alioto Lazio Fish Company for the first time before Christmas. I needed 8 crabs and they were delicious. They were large and super sweet. The tanks are plentiful and clean. I'll definitely be back.

$1 oysters

Looking for a Saturday spot for oysters again. We did go to Waterbar last year but it wasn't such a great spot for those that didn't like oysters. This year we'd like something in the afternoon. Lunch in Berkeley or Oakland is also a possibility.

We could also start at Waterbar for just oysters to get our city adventure started.

are CHILES EN NOGADA available anywhere yet?

I had a Chile Rellenos version at Dona Tomas that was delicious. Here is the desciption from the menu:Chiles Rellenos en Nogada 18.50
roasted poblano chiles stuffed with cheese, yams and onions in a creamy walnut sauce, topped with pomegranate seeds, served with rice and house-made tortillas

I was there about this same time last year and they had it with enchiladas I think. I didn't order them but my friend raved about them so I was happy to see the walnut sauce on the menu.

Mexican catering in Oakland - small group

Anyone know of a good Mexican place that has a catering menu? Just looking for a dozen and a half enchiladas, rice and beans, chips and salsa. I tried Estrellita put they don't have a catering menu so it's like getting a dozen dinners. Just thought I'd see if there is anything more reasonable out there.

ISO Bay Area restaurants with delicious grilled octopus preparations.

I'll second the Duende rec but I'll also add Forge in Jack London Square. The grilled squid was served with a Romesco sauce and artichokes.

Fun dinner for a father and 7-yr-old daughter? [San Francisco]

Well these are not necessary chowhoud worthy, but here are my daughter's favorite spots in SF: (she's 10) Bucca di Beppo and Rainforest Cafe. She also likes Coco500 but I bet if I explained the request, she'd go with the first two.

anything pleasant in Pleasanton?

I like Oasis Bar and Grill in downtown Pleasanton for excellent Mediterranean and Little Home Thai. Little Home is nothing fancy but excellent for Thai. I often do takeout from LIttle Home and bring it home for dinner in Oakland.

Use yelp to look up other cuisines. Lots of good Indian spots.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

I thought I should report back that we went to Boca Nova and had a lovely time. We got there right around 5. The foru of us ordered the oysters, ceviche, empanadas, ribs, deviled eggs, garden lettuce salad, and shishito peppers off the HH menu. My least favorites were the empanadas and the ribs. We ordered double of everything else and triple orders in the case of the oysters and the deviled eggs. We also had many Bees Nees. Our waitress let us add a few more of those tasty beverages after HH ended at 6.

We ended up getting dessert as well. I have a soft spot for their bread pudding.

Forge was also jumping on Friday night.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

The same group went to Bocanova awhile back and decided we would only go back for HH or using a Blackboard Eats discount. Nice location though. Also the last time we all thought the portions were stingy.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

We were thinking about Forge because of the location. One person in our party went there and liked everything but the pizza!

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

You know I've never been to Mua but I'm not sure it's what we are looking for tonight.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

This looks fun and I hadn't heard of it before but I fogot to mention that we are also looking for cocktails.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

So it should be lovely outside tonight. A few friends are getting together for an early dinner and thought we'd see if anyone has any good Happy Hour spots Since the weather will be so nice, we'd like to sit outside. I think we'll avoid Lake Chalet.

Any Oakland Thai spots that serve Crispy Catfish with Green Mango Salad/Yam Pla-Duk Fu

I was in Anaheim where I had this fabulous dish and I'd love to find it closer to home. Thanks in advance.

Does Trader Joe's have a good jarred spaghetti sauce?

It's not in a jar but a large can! It's the Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce. It tastes fresh and I don't add anything to it. I prefer it over any other sauce out of a jar or sometimes to my scratch sauce.

Apr 09, 2013
Cheesy Oysters in Chains

Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

I thought it was extensive as well and the clerk that helped me was very knowledgeable.

Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

Thanks for all of the help. I didn't realize that Pliny was a local beer. I called Star and they didn't have any so I went to Whole Foods in Oakland. They didn't have any either and the beer guy said that it sells out the day after their delivery on Wednesday. I had him pick out three similar beers as a present. We were in the city on Saturday so after 5 doz oysters at Waterbar and some window shopping, we ended up at Urban Tavern since my bro in law knew they had Pliny on tap. What a lovely beer and I can see what all of the fuss is about. I also didn't know about Ledgers so thanks for that tip as well.

Looking for Pliny the Elder beer-Berkeley/Oak

I need to grab a 6 pack for a bday gift. Any ideas where I can find some?

Bellanico Still Delivers [Oakland]

I'm a huge fan of Bellanico as well and I also love their brunch. The only downside for the evenings is that I can't always book a table at the last minute. But I'm glad that Bellanico is getting the attention they deserve.

Lunch in Oakland on a Weekday for Sister's Big Bday

I think my favorite would be Wood Tavern.

Does anyone know of any happy hour restaurants (food as well as liquor) in the east bay?

I went to Hudson's on College a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good. Drinks were $7. Excellent burger for $10. I think I liked it better than Sidebar. We also shared a pizza and Caesar salad.

Looking for Restaurant in East Bay (EC to Oakland) for Large Group Monday Nights and Fairly Inexpensive

Well I usually order the flautas but the enchiladas are good too. I like the chips and salsa. You can either eat in the dining room or the bar - somethings that is nicer for large groups.

Looking for Restaurant in East Bay (EC to Oakland) for Large Group Monday Nights and Fairly Inexpensive

Well these are not fancy but I like the food and they are good for groups. Brennan's in Berkeley or La Estrellita Cafe And Bar at 5th Ave and E 12th in Oakland.

Trip Report for Four Day NYC trip coming from Bay Area with kids

Everyone was so friendly and helpful so I thought I'd post an update after our trip even though we didn't hit that many of the Chowhound worthy spots.

We did drive to Hoboken to catch Carlos's Bakery and my daughter was thrilled. We were in and out in an hour after arrinving around 1:30 last Wednesday. My nine year old said it would have been much quicker if they were more organized or even just handed out the pastry list for those in line. We didn't get much but we did try the mini chocolate dipped cannolis, crumb cake, and the kids got the red velvet cupcakes. Cannolis were very good and the perfect size. We had gotten gigantic cannolis at Mikes Pastry in Boston a couple days before. Mikes gets the edge on the filling but frankly the overall winner is Carlos's Bakery for offering a reasonable size. I had never heard of crumb cake until it made it on one of the Cake Boss episodes so I wanted to try it. I thought their rendition was rather dry and again it was very large as in slightly larger than my Kindle Fire but not as big as the iPad. After that we wanted lunch so I looked on yelp for a decent pizza place and we went to Grimaldi's. We all loved it and they had a very decent Caesar plus who doesn't love a Stella on tap when it's over 90 degrees outside.

Later that night we met some family at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. We have a knock off in Oakland that really does seem like a knock off so I was curious to try the inspiration but I think True Burger wins on all levels. Burgers are juicier, fries and shakes are better too but they don't have their namesake beer on tap.

The next day my son and I went to Doughnut Plant and I got the PB&J. Love it and a delicious latte too. My son had one of the cake donuts and it didn't seem that special. The yeast donuts seem like the way to go.

We met up with more family at Katz and had their tap as well as pastrami, chopped liver, latkes, matzo ball soup. Everything was delicious and just what we wanted out of that genre. I prefer my chopped liver a little less wet but still quite tasty.

The next day we went to Luke's Lobster for a quick late lunch after the ferry to SOL and Ellis Island. We came from Boston and already had a few lobster rolls under our belt but that wasn't enough and it was a perfect spot given that we were starving and wanted to walk through Wall Street.

Unfortunately we really didn't have dinner these two days because we had late lunches and were going to shows in the evening.

We headed to the High Line our last day but needed to get to the 911 memorial and didn't have much time so we go off the HL and found a convenient spot for a lunch. We ended up at Moran's in Chelsea. Quite respectable and we were all happy with our lunch. Gotta say I loved the High Line and wished we had more time to explore it. We met up with some family for dinner at a divine Italian restaurant in the Upper West Side called Celeste. Super delicious and shockingly reasonable. Everything we ordered was superb. Afterwards and a few blocks of much needed walking because we were so full, we had dessert at Cafe Lalo. It was fun but not a standout.

And then we didn't make it to the Grand Central Oyster Bar but we flew out of Newark so I was happy to see the same named restaurant in the airport. I can't imagine it was anything like the flagship and I'm not sure they are even affiliated but it was nice to have a little for seafood and chowder as our last meal before heading home.

So much of our dining was based on location, timing, and dealing with a teenager so there were many spots that we were not able to check out. Overall I was very impressed with the food scene and hope to get back when we can be more leisurely and food focused. I had wanted to have foie gras since it's a banned substance where I live and that didn't happen either.

Jul 30, 2012
Cheesy Oysters in Manhattan