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Grazing in Portland ME

Wow...thanks so much for the amazing responses. We were looking forwarding to going back to Portland, but now it's even more enticing. Last time we were there we hit Pai Men Miyake and Local 188 but are more in the centre of town this time. Eventide in particular sounds wonderful, as does Micucci’s. We thought Bar Lola might be so busy that you can’t get a table, but may give it a go. And the fact that Sonny's sells panko-fried avocado is making me salivate happily.

Okay - an evening of surfing through all these places awaits; thanks again for all the input - we will be sure to report back.

Aug 30, 2012
Quartz in Northern New England

Grazing in Portland ME

Greetings 'hounds,

Me and the Mrs are hitting Portland this September for just 2 nights and are looking for places to bounce around eating small plates without reservations - so far have the following plans to eat along with some nice microbrews.

* Grace: try some charcuterie, the bone marrow homage and other light things, beers
* Novare Res: Taco, Quesadilla and some beers
* Duckfat fries to finish (maybe a beer)

If anyone has comments on these three - especially if there are better options or specific things to try at Grace - would be awesomely welcome.

The second night we are planning going to a great food store to try various things (we are in a condo unit so have a kitchen), but might change that if we get more ideas on grazing

Thanks in advance
Mr Q

Aug 29, 2012
Quartz in Northern New England