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More Pizza Coming To White Plains

Haven't been to Anthony's yet but I would rate it against Johnny's in Mt. Vernon, John's in NYC, Pepe's or Modern in New Haven (not Yonkers). LaManda's in Elmsford and Ariano's Trattoria in Mahopac have got a nice pies as well.

Best food around Courtland Manor NY

I enjoy the Peanut Butter Calamari and the Coconut Ice Cream. Been a few times and it's always been good.

Best food around Courtland Manor NY


You're right Ariano is a trip, but the food is where the character's at. I go once a week to eat like a King and relax. His years of experience at Patircia's (Morris Park Ave.) show and he doesn't skimp on the ingredients. IMO, this restaurant is the Italian jewel of Northern Westchester. Not the easiest place to get into and a small room but "Don't Panic" and focus on the food I always say......