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Bistro 45 - What's going on?

Yes, Bistro 45 is closed for approximately two months for renovations, and yes, we did screw up on Sunday, August the 6th, the day that we closed. We neglected to pull the recorded message (which has since been updated with current information) and also to place a sign on the door. We reached out to each of the customers that we could, apologizing with much organic egg yolk on our face. Hopefully, we can make it up to anyone that we inconvenienced, inviting all from that day to our grand reopening. We will again reach out to each of them when our reopening date is established. Thank you to all so much for all the loyalty and support these past 22 years. We look forward to bringing something new and wonderful to the Bistro again!

Aug 28, 2012
napasimon in Los Angeles Area