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SEA - Bar for birthday party?

Quinn's space is next door and called Sole Repair

In Seattle now

walk to Union - 1st and Union- you can do a nice 3 course meal for around $50 or sit in the bar and have a great and substantial happy hour menu. also Le Pichet for breakfast, lunch or dinner-great french bistro fare. Spur for good cocktails and gastro pub fare. agree with matt;s for dinner or lunch.

What is the best restaurant for lobster in Seattle?

McCormick & Schmidts use to do a lobster special every Tuesday night I think, give them a call and ask

Il Terrazzo Carmine (SEA)

I've always really loved the food at Carmine's. I don't think it is a scene and be seen place at all. The nice thing here is that both the meats and the pastas are done very well whereas usually I find it to be just one or the other.

Change of staff at Veil

just read on another site that Veil is closing...

Traveler on Leary, Stepping Stone, Ballard SEA

I've eaten at CG many times and it is good, but it is small portions/heavy apps like at Sambar and Portalis so that might not work for you. I find those two to serve very substantial portions though.

What about Austin Cantina? I haven't been there yet.

Good to know about Bal Mar

Also there is Snoose Junction, the new Sushi spot on Ballard Ave, Hamburger Harry's, The Station and that Vietnamese place...

Traveler on Leary, Stepping Stone, Ballard SEA

How can you be bored with Ballard!? La Carta, Ocho, Copper Gate, Senor Moose, Sambar, Volterra, Portalis, La Isla....

anyway Traveler has good bar food, it's the same owner as Great Nabob on lower QA. Haven't been to Stepping Stone yet but have heard that Anita's crepes is open now.

Best dinner and post-dinner drinks in Capitol Hill?

Cafe Presse is absolutely not high end, it is actually a more casual version of Le Pichet.

too bad Olivar is closed on Mondays! I would really do Lark then as it is your "finest" dining in that area. How about Monsoon, not upscale but definitely foodie.

Best dinner and post-dinner drinks in Capitol Hill?

I'm really liking Liberty for cocktails, it is fun- great vibe and mix of people and andrew has some delicious cocktails on the menu. I also like the drinks and space at Licorous.

I haven't been but what about Olivar for dinner? Is Cafe Presse too casual?

good place to send parents for anniversary dinner

How about Union, they have their tasting menus on again I hear. Or what about sending them to Lark- Chef Sundstrom can easily do a tasting menu for them based on what you would like.

Help! Looking for an interesting bar in Seattle

I disagree with the comment about Vessel, Jim and Zane are doing fantastic things there and changing the menu regularly. The execution of the drinks is spot on and it is absolutely one of the most interesting cocktail menus in Seattle. And they have an incredible smoky scotch that is like a campfire! I'm not a scotch drinker but have had it as others I drink with are.

The bar at Union also is a great place. Keith is really into tiki drinks but served elegantly without all the kitsch. Drinks and happy hour menu here are a favorite.

Zig Zag is fantastic but not for food!

and absolutely Tini Bigs now that Jaime is there.

Joule or Monsoon?

You could try both by doing Joule for dinner and Monsoon for awesome brunch but if you only have time for one I would go to Monsoon over Joule having been to both.

SEA: Best restaurant for a party?

Volterra has new private space next door now also

New Discoveries

possible additions without knowing where you have been:

Ocho, Quinn's, Licorous, Portage, Cafe Presse

raw milk in SEA?

Sea Breeze Farms is, I think, the name of the supplier at the Ballard Farmer's Market.

I've seen it at the creamery in pike place too.

SEA: Best restaurant for a party?

We've rented out Serafina before, perfect in the summer as they have that fantastic outdoor patio and also a stage if you want live music

Seattle's Best Sandwiches

hh- I just had the reuben at three girls and really loved it! I didn't have the reuben at I Love NY but just their corned beef and cheese but I have to say that the panini grill at 3 girls makes a huge difference to me and it is my favorite in the market so far.

The Queen Anne pizza place right by the Queen Anne Cafe makes a kick ass messy hot melty Italian that is my hang over go to cure :)

Love letter to Quinn's

I'm a big fan of Quinn's also- it is definitely meat heavy as it is designed with the english gastropub in mind which is higher end pub food mainly about meat and potatoes. I couldn't disagree with itsonlyfood more- I think what Quinn's is doing is absolutely epicurean - they are creating interesting and original dishes and introducing a lot of people to things they wouldn't normally dream of eating or know where to go for it- foie gras, marrow, pigs head, etc. Kudos to the team at Quinn's, we need more places like this in Seattle.

Monkey Bridge

We had lunch here a few weeks ago and thought it was quite good. Not Green Leaf good but very nice to have in Ballard. The staff could not have been nicer. We dined in and it was quite quick

Where to eat on Friday - SEA

La Carta Oaxca in Ballard is perfect for early dining, no wait and not as loud!

Ocho in Ballard is also a very sexy little tapas restaurant


yes christy that is who i was thinking of, ok all straightened out!


malarkey I've seen him there the last few times (Ballard Farmers Market) we've gone- maybe 3 weeks ago? If it's the same guy I'm thinking of- dark hair, italian, very charming??

Snoose Junction in Ballard?

We must be having good luck because the 2 times that we have stopped in we've had great slices. The crust is crisp and thin which is how I like it.

BTW it's been open for almost a year. and yes they have slices.