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Pizzeria D'Oro near Union Square?

Does anyone remember a pizza place called Pizzeria D'Oro near Union Square. I used to love their pizza back in the 1990s. It was on Powell Street, and you had to go up from the street to the second floor. Looks like it is no longer there but wonder if anyone remembers it or knows what became of it. Thanks!

New gourmet market in Dobb's Ferry????

Blame the NIMBY crowd that forced developers to reduce the size of the store. The original plan was to have a 55,000 sf store, but residents forced revisions and now the store will be only 18,000 sf. Instead of a shot at a Fairway or another top-notch supermarket we will get another mediocre Mrs. Greens--and, ironically, complaints about the absence of top-notch supermarkets coming from the same mouths of those "concerned" residents who fought the development.

ISO nam khao [tod] and sai oua, Lao dishes in Seattle

I'm no expert on Lao food, but the nem mou at Savatdee is delicious. Highly recommend.

A Work in Progress with Promise

Thanks for the review. We Ravenna-ites are also getting a new German joint at 65th and Ravenna (formerly Bernu's (formerly Osaka Teriyaki)). Agree with you that we could use some new life in the 'hood.

La Casa Del Mojito is now "Mojito" -- any significance?

I haven't been in several months, but the menu looks mostly the same. A few names changed (e.g., Parrilla de Luigi is now Parrilla Mojito), and the prices may have ticked upward slightly, but no drastic changes.

They've always had really good food, so hopefully that hasn't changed. I always worry that they're going to fail...........tough-to-get-to location and they already had to close their U District location a while back.

Hand-shaved noodles in the post-Jack's Tapas era

I miss Jack's Tapas Cafe's hand-shaved noodles. Seattle Met magazine raved about the noodles at Mandarin Chef in the U District, but I thought they were just so-so. I had some very good homemade (but not hand-shaved) noodles at Chiang's Gourmet.

Is there any place that can compete with Jack's late, great hand-shaved noodles?

Mandarin Chef
5022 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

2010: What is Seattle's best steakhouse?

Yeah, I'm looking for a clubby, old-school kind of joint. Jak's ain't it.

I had good sides and a lousy steak at Gaucho, and I had good steak and lousy sides at the Met. Ain't been to Daniel's or Howie. Hoping to go local rather than chain (Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Cap Grille).

Appreciate everyone's thoughts. Thanks.

2010: What is Seattle's best steakhouse?


The Met?

El Gaucho?

John Howie?


Pizza suggestions for NYC visitor

My suggestion is to wait until you're back in New York.

The only place you should consider checking out is Serious Pie, because it's a different take on pizza and because it's very good. Tutta Bella is fine, but you can easily do better at many NYC places.

Serious Pie
316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

Tutta Bella
4918 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

New Lao-Thai in Roosevelt?

It's not open yet. On Roosevelt near Taste of India. I drive by there frequently and will definitely be checking it out when it opens.

Incidentally, there's a little corner bodega at 55th and Roosevelt that sells pretty good homemade tamales and arepas, and they've also got this garlicky green sauce that is really incredible.

Taste of India
5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Jack's Tapas to close

I live nearby, and this has been my go-to spot for Chinese. Can anyone recommend anything else in the area? Yummy Cafe by the Sand Point Metropolitan Market? Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City? Snappy Dragon?? Help!

Metropolitan Market
1908 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

Snappy Dragon
8917 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Txori is closing

And a new tapas spot will replace it. I liked Txori a lot.

2207 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Looking for fried (whole belly) clams...

Whole belly fried clams are just that--clams whose "bellies" have not been removed before frying. Most places that serve "fried clams" are serving only a part of the clam; the clams' bellies have been stripped away. In New England, however, the "fried clams" you're used to eating in Seattle are called "clam strips," while clams whose bellies are intact are called "whole bellies" or simply "fried clams."

Whole belly clams are vastly superior to clam strips--they have a nuttiness and depth of flavor that can hardly be described. Clam strips--the stuff you get in Seattle--have comparatively little flavor and texture.

To answer the original poster's question, I haven't seen any whole bellies around Seattle. I suspect that if they are here it'd be an upscale restaurant's take on them--i.e., pricey, small portions, and perhaps with some kind of haute spin on the original. I'd love to be wrong, though.


Has anybody been to Carolina Kitchen in Redmond? Drove by today and had never noticed it before. The sign mentioned Carolina-style 'cue.

Any recommendations for Steelhead Diner?

Steelhead's great. There are some tourists, but it's not a "touristy" place at all.

I really like the fried chicken. Fish preparations are always good. Razor clam chowder is outstanding.

Oh--the black velvet is a contender for best dessert in town. Don't miss it.

good indian in Seattle?

It's really that there isn't an Indian place in Seattle that aspires to be what Vij's is, i.e., a high-end Indian restaurant. I don't know of any place that's trying to be in that category. (Disclaimer: I haven't been to Poppy.)

Best Indian I've found in Seattle is Bengal Tiger in Ravenna, but that's just a neighborhood Indian joint that does what it does well. You'll eat well, but it's not a special occasion place.

Chow at or near Metrodome? [MSP]

Visiting thw Twin Cities and going to a Twins game. Anything good in or near the Dome? I did a search, and the threads I saw suggested that the stadium options aren't good, and that there isn't much around the ballpark. Has anything changed? Any new options? Thanks!

Yummy Eats in Seattle for a Newbie =)

Your hotel is downtown. Plenty of good stuff within walking distance. Spend some time poking around on this board and you'll find lots of recommendations. The board's search function might aid you in your quest.

Visit to Sea/ Bellevue/ Redmond in a couple of weeks

The Brazilian bakery is called Kitanda. I'm certainly no expert on Brazilian food, but I like this place. They have a good selection of Brazilian sweets, and I've liked every one I've tried, especially a sweet bread made from yuca (kind of like cornbread....don't know what it's called). They have good coffee, too. Each day they have a couple of lunch specials; the one I tried, some kind of chicken/rice/beans dish, was nothing special. I haven't tried their savory pastries but plan to one of these days.

Road food - Seattle to Yellowstone

I recommend Hudson's, a burger joint in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

Insider's Seattle - best of the best for dinner a deux

I'd go with Crush. Save room for dessert.

Crush vs. Zoe?

Thanks to everyone for the comments. I've got a reservation at Crush, and I'm sure it will be great. Any recommendations for specific dishes?

Recs near the Westin in Seattle

Palace Kitchen.

Crush vs. Zoe?

I'm thinking about Crush or Zoe for a nice night out. Looking for great food and a youngish vibe. Never been to either place and would appreciate any thoughts about either restaurant. Thank you very much.

Just Dessert

Go to Tango and get El Diablo.

SF Foodie going to Seattle - Etta's for Seafood?

How about Flying Fish?

There's also a Sea Star in Seattle now.

I don't dig Etta's.

Help choosing restaurants in Seattle?


Olympic Mountain Ice Cream Co.

I've enjoyed Olympic Mountain brand ice cream in desserts at Steelhead Diner, and I just found it in Scoop Du Jour in Madison Park. These guys make good ice cream. I am particularly fond of the coconut almond fudge flavor.

Does anyone know where else Olympic Mountain is sold around Seattle? Do they sell pints anywhere? Does anybody else agree that this is darn good ice cream?

Portland VS. Seattle

Alls I know is I want a Seattle branch of Pok Pok so I can stop driving three hours for dinner.

Is happy hour the new dinner out?

They sustain it by making money off of the alcohol. Huge profit margin on drinks. If it doesn't work then they go the way of Lehman Bros.