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RW Dalia's in Brookline

I have been to Dalias twice. The first time we loved it - food, wine, atmosphere, all A+. So when my parents, who are foodies from the NYC area, came to town, I made a reservation and took them there. It was a wholly disappointing experience, from the moment we walked in the door, when we had to basically raise our hands and say "hello, customers over here!" even though we had a reservation and the restaurant was not even half full. We haven't been back, and likely won't go back.

The risotto cakes you described do sound delicious, though!

Select Cafe in Belmont

This place is awesome! It's a tiny, very simple restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, all prepared by one chef, who speaks French better than English. Both times we've been there it's been just the chef and one waitress, and since I am estimating they only seat 20 people or so in their small space, there is no downside to the small staff.

The food is delicious! Dinner is always "chef's special", with a few standard appetizer/salad plates, like pate plate, brie plate, tomato and fresh mozzerella. Last night the three offerings were lamb stew, some kind of chicken and some kind of steak. We both went with the lamb and it was phenomenal. Had the pate plate to start, which was also great (chicken liver). And last Sunday for brunch, I had the best spinach quiche I think I've ever had. Hands down.

Reasonably priced, and the best feature, in my opinion, is that you bring your own wine. If you're looking for a home-cooked meal that you don't have to cook yourself, this is the spot!

If you're going to go for dinner, call ahead, as their hours seem to be variable depending on how busy they are and other factors. Last night, for example, they told us they were only serving until 8. We got there at 10 of 8 and never felt rushed, straight through espresso and homemade berry tart for dessert.

Masala Art in Needham

I have never ordered off the menu at Masala Art, but I love the lunch buffet. They always have a good variety of dishes, and they let you do "take out" for the same $10 price. To me, the take out is the biggest value, because they give you boxes and containers that would fit 3 or more meals, depending on how much you eat in one sitting.

Jazz bar? Or live music bar?

Any suggestions for a bar that serves food but doesn't require you to sit for dinner and has live music on Saturday nights? Needs to be T-accessible but neighborhood doesn't matter. Thanks!

Saratoga Springs - Nice restaurant for New Years Eve?

Hi, my husband and I are going to be in Saratoga Springs for New Years Eve. We are looking for a nice restaurant to make dinner reservations. We are staying at an Inn outside of town, but would like a restaurant that is in the center so that we can hang around and go to bars afterwards. Any suggestions?

$50 Chowhound Challenge - Where would you go?

I was one of the Clue members - Ms. Green to be exact - and I went with my instincts and used the gift certificate at Figs. Here's the lowdown:

We had fried asparagus as a starter (very tasty), a fig and prosciutto pizza, the house macaroni and cheese, and white challah bread pudding for dessert (OMG soo good). Also had a bottle of wine. Ended up laying $15 cash + tip on the table for a great meal.

To be honest, the fried asparagus and bread pudding were free. The lady felt bad for us because she crossed our name off the list even though we had a reservation. We were 25 minutes late - totally deserving of this punishment - yet she was overly contrite. Definitely an A+ for customer service and atmosphere.

The food was so-so. I didn't really like the mac + cheese, thought it was bland. E loved it though, and the leftovers gave him another 2 meals. Fig and prosciutto pizza was okay, but it was slathered in fig jam and the gorgonzola was sparse. If you remember when Devlin's in Brighton had this pizza - doesn't measure up.

Overall, I don't regret how I spent my prize. Can't wait to see the other "suspects" choices!

Curry lamb, spinach and chickpea stew

Nov 04, 2007
DoggieMama in Recipes

Spiced kabocha squash mash

Nov 04, 2007
DoggieMama in Recipes

A big shout out for Whole Foods cheese dept

I love Whole Foods cheese department. An experience at the River Street location made me forsake Formaggio Kitchen forever. Imagine that!

$50 Chowhound Challenge - Where would you go?

I'd use it at Figs. And I'd get the Fig and prosciutto pizza. Some wine. Start with the Rhode Island calimari. Maybe share a pasta too if we're really hungry. A dinner for two with little to throw down yourself.

And I apologize to all posters, I confused Masa with Masala Art.

$50 Chowhound Challenge - Where would you go?

I would go to the lunch buffet at Masala Art in Needham 5 times. More bang for your buck.