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A gourmet shop in North Bergen, NJ

Chefs Central on rt.17 in Paramus has a nice selection of items you search for.

A gourmet shop in North Bergen, NJ

I would stay away from Jerry's for there the term gourmet is poetic liscence. Several years ago it was Jerry's discount prefumes and cosmetics. You are much better off with even Trader Joes where at least you know the food fresh and not repackaged closeouts.
Market Basket in Franklin Lakes is another great spot as is Visentini Bros. In Lodi. Google spec. markets in N.J. and you will get a nice asst. Ciao!

Hound-Worthy Cheese in Bergen and Beyond

I do not know of the other places but I for one will never buy from Jerry's. His product is all about closeout buys and he routinely sells outdated product repackaged or with dates rmoved. Buyer beware! After all, not so long ago, his specialty was discount perfums and cosmetics.

Nov 01, 2007
manatky in Features