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Dinner in Fairfield (the town), CT

Of the 3, personally I would go to Sarabande. A great little spot that we just discovered.
You can also walk to some others from there. Centros and one of my favs is Quatro Pazzi. It is on the main drag there, up past the Victoria's Secret and the Book Store there. About 2 short blocks from the theater. Enjoy..........

Decent fried chicken near Stamford, CT

I have recently learned from this site about a couple of great “quick” lunch spots here in Stamford.
The first one I tried was Royal Guard Fish and Chips – Not a fancy place at all, but definitely some of the best fish and chips I have had. And I have tried a lot over the years vacationing in the Cape every year. This place is the real deal. They offer cod at the standard price, and you can get haddock for a little bit more. I went with the cod, which is my preference. The chips are a little too small for my taste and they use prepared Kraft tartar sauce as the condiment. But the fish is outstanding. Can’t wait to get back there.
The other little gem I had heard about was the Caribbean Grocery (or Bakery, not sure). I was not aware of it until I heard about it on this site and it is only a block from my office.
Real jerk chicken tasting like I have had on numerous trips to Jamaica. Served up with rice and peas, it is a meal for a bargain price of only $6. The only thing missing was the trade winds coming off the blue Caribbean sea. I did try their Curry Chicken yesterday, which lacked the kick I am used to from the jerk style.
Looking forward to hearing about a spot for good fried chicken, one of my favs!!!!

Decent fried chicken near Stamford, CT

Great Topic!
Can't wait to hear of a spot for good fried chicken in Stamford.
Have found some great spots in Stamford for lunch lately from this site.

Angus Restaurant - Fairfield, CT

Yes it is completely renovated and under new management.
Have been a number of times, but more for the pub then the dinning room.
Have had the burger (in the pub only) and it was fair. Too much bun for the amount of meat.
Have heard mixed reviews on the food. Some rave about the fish and steaks and others say it is average.
But overall it has been updated very well with warm dark woods, tin ceilings and large HD TV's. They need to do something to tone down the noise in the pub, the tin ceiling does not help the acoustics there. The staff is warm and friendly and the new menu has everything an American steak/fish place ought to have.
It is worth a try if your in the vicinty.

Suggestions for rehearsal dinner near Trumbull, CT

If you were considering going as far as the Red Barn in Westport, why not go south on #25 into Bridgeport. Neighborhoods are a little less polished then Westport, but there are some very good spots there.
My choice would be Ralph and Richs, they can easilly handle that group in the back. Might not be a private room, but Rich could hook you up with something. The food there is top notch.
Other suggestions might be Marisas right there in Trumbull, allthough the food is good, not great.
Also, check out Vazzys or Carl Anthonys north on 25.

Bone-In Filet Mignon

I had a wonderful one at Mortons a couple weeks back. The Mortons was in Stamford CT, but I am sure because Mortons is a chain, should be available in other Morton locations.
Some home fries, creamed spinich, good wine, and a bone in filet, you got to love it!!!

Nov 15, 2007
CT Chowman in Manhattan

Good BYO in Fairfield County?

Martha's in Westport, accross from Ed Mitchell's on the post road.
It is in a shopping center next to Shaws. Great value. Real good basic Italian and Pizzas. The best soups!!!!!
No fees at all for bringing your own.
Did I say the soups are real good, try the escorole and bean or the pasta fagoli !!!!

Advice needed for a spot in Little Italy NYC

Il Cortile’s menu has me salivating at my desk. That looks like a great choice, thank you.
Thanks NativeNewYorker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 13, 2007
CT Chowman in Manhattan

Advice needed for a spot in Little Italy NYC

Thanks Sam, I will check those out. We do not want a tourist trap.

Nov 13, 2007
CT Chowman in Manhattan

Stamford Town Center - New Chains Open

Went to PF Changs for lunch and was not impressed. I understand it is new, but it took an hour and a half for me to get my chicken meal. The apps and drinks came in good order, but the meal took forever.
Food was average, I think my expectations were too high for the place.

Advice needed for a spot in Little Italy NYC

We are looking for some help in finding a good spot in Little Italy (NYC) for a Sunday Dinner in a couple of weeks. It will be my wife’s Birthday Dinner, and we would like a nice spot. We love Italian food, but it does not have to be an extremely fancy place. We are looking more for a really authentic Italian spot. A place you would want to go back to every time we are in the city.
Any help would be appreciated we do not get to the city that often.
Thanks …….. CT Chowman

Nov 13, 2007
CT Chowman in Manhattan

B.J. Ryan's in Norwalk, CT

The wife and I checked out B.J.Ryans in Norwalk on Saturday for Dinner.
The food was rock solid, fairly priced and a great selection and variety. I had a tough time selecting what to order.
Everything that passed by us on the waiter’s trays looked really good and generous portions.
It has a very homey pub feeling to it, and the big screen TV’s allowed you to keep up with all the games scores.
I would definitely recommend this place, they have done an excellent job in building this place, can’t wait to go back again. It gets really busy there on a Saturday night, so consider going a little early to get a good spot.

Burgers , where to get a Great Burger, Fairfield County

My vote for a great burger in Fairfield County goes to the Black Duck in Westport.
It is a real good, flame broiled burger, real juicy!!!!
My favs are the large swiss/mushroom burger. Make sure they toast the bun, you have to ask.
Their bacon/cheddar burger is also very good.
As far as atmosphere, well, it is a old converted barge on the river. A real bar scene.
A great long bar to sit at and have a great burger.
You have to love a bar that Martha Stewart goes to for their for the Wings!!!

Need to find best pizza, in Town of Fairfield,CT [Moved from The Best board]

If you can't get into Pepes, which is often the case, give Nauti Dolphin a try. It is down at the Fairfield train station, take out only.
Great Pies with thin crusts. Some very original types as well.
They have a white pie, with shrimp, garlic, and ricotta cheese that is really good. We get it with a little red sauce on the side for dipping only.