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Italian Meatballs

What a great recipe! This meal is a REAL crowd pleaser! Get ready for your family & guests to say "Wow!!" I made the meat balls with the accompanying "basic tomato sauce" recipe. The milk acts as a meat tenderizer, and combined with the bread and seasoning, it makes these the most juicy and flavorful meat balls I've ever made. The sauce is simple and easy, and takes on the flavor of the meat and seasoning. Really, your search for a meat ball recipe ends here. I skipped turkey, just because I didn't have it. ;-) Yes, meat balls are perfect for freezing, and reheat just fine. If your balls are becoming patties as you brown, just whack them into shape with your spatula as you flip them. That's what I did, and it worked fine. Besides, with meat balls this good, no one will care if they're not perfect globes. :D

Aug 28, 2012
OhioYumYum in Recipes