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Baja Weekend Trip Suggestions?

Thanks for the shout out DD, you are awesome.

Guero57 if you will send me an email to I have a series of Excel spreadsheets on TJ, Rosarito and Ensenada that I can send to you as attachments.

On an additional note. the pop-up restairant. Deckman's at Mogor in the Valle de Guadalupe is really the hot ticket right now. A bus tour from Rosarito is going out later this month and I would be happy to post the info.

I can't post the review because I got blocked from CH for "violating copyright issues" when I did just that.

Sep 10, 2012
gypsyjan in Mexico

Great Lobster at Vince's in Rosarito, Near the Rosarito Beach Hotel

Go to Vince's Fish Market and Restaurant, a large, two-story rustic place a few blocks north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

The "Vince's Combination" gives you a bowl of constantly refilled tortilla chips and salsa, a cup of fish soup, and we were served a plate that had a huge half lobster 'al vapor' (steamed, not fried, you have to tell them), and at a guess, it weighed than two pounds before being split, several butterflied, sauteed shrimp, a generous serving of calamari, a delicious egg-battered white fish filet and a fresh green salad, with a ramekin of melted butter on the side with a basket of freshly made corn and/or flour tortillas.

$15.74 U.S. PP

Sep 08, 2012
gypsyjan in Mexico

Neveria La Cascada in Primo Tapia, Baja

Housed in a very modest cement block store front near the cathedral, La Cascada is very clean and also bright and cheerful with the painted murals inside.

I entered after a family; two adults and four children under five years of age politely tasted and picked out their choice of ice cream cones.

We bought two paletas, "Cookies and Creme" where you saw the Oreo cookie and one that had visible pieces of strawberries, kiwi and mango.

We ordered an "Ensalada de Frutas Grande" that must have weighed three pounds.

The to-go included napkins, utensils and two large plastic containers of honey.

After all that, I still had change from my $100 pesos.

Sep 03, 2012
gypsyjan in Mexico

Juliet Bistrot -- Tijuana?

Juliet BistroT by JC in Tijuana has a facebook page with address, phone number and map:

Aug 29, 2012
gypsyjan in Mexico

green chili condiment 101 Noodle Express

Here's a link to a Chow discussion and recipes for "Suan Tsai"or "Tzai Tsai" Chinese pickled condiment:

My question for you that know the authentic tastes, what substitute green can I use to get a good result, if I can't find mustard greens? Searching the net gives me the info that Swiss chard and napa cabbage are in the same family, but would they make an acceptable substitution?

Aug 29, 2012
gypsyjan in Los Angeles Area