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Looking for green/unroasted coffee beans

Actually, I've tried the Ugandan beans from Polcari's and the Ethiopian beans from South End Food Emporium. They were both good. However, I've only been roasting for a little over a year with my popcorn poppers and perhaps don't have as fine a palate as other hounds here. The beans in both places are stored in open barrels. I'm sure they will tell you the more specific name if you ask. The Ethiopian beans are Yirgacheffe (I asked). I forgot to ask the nice guy at Polcari's though.

I thought that one of the reasons people buy green beans and roast them at home was because green beans don't go stale as quickly as roasted beans. Doesn't the roasting process take the moisture out of the beans? So, out of curiosity, why would an open barrel be a problem?

Aug 30, 2012
oparu in Greater Boston Area

Looking for green/unroasted coffee beans

In case anyone's still interested, Polcari's in the North End still sells green coffee beans. I was there earlier this month and they had Colombian ($6.50/lb) and Ugandan ($8/lb) green beans.
The South End Food emporium has Ethiopian green beans ($5.99/lb).

Aug 28, 2012
oparu in Greater Boston Area