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Underwhelmed and Overpriced at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse (long)

Carmen's is great. Especially if you love garlic. Bigliardi's, too: underappreciated.
But the new kid on the block (haven't tried Prime yet...) is better than Harbour Sixty and their wine list lacks the mark-up. Jacobs and Co. has reasonable mark-ups, and in some cases, it seemed to only be double. And their sommelier is great. Maybe Harbour 60 removed their wine list of the website because they are feeling threathened?

Breakfast downtown

Cora's is right in the theatre disctrict- Brassaii can be good, but is better when it is busy- like brunch
eggspectations is hit and miss in the Eaton Centre
I'd say Cora's for big portions, variety, and great taste...

Prime - Windsor Arms Hotel

it sounds like a good idea, but they need to work out some of their kinks still- unlike ONE and Jacob's and Co., this place still has service and timing issues- which is too bad because the Windsor Arms deserves a nice restaurant
maybe being able to order that for room service would be good: get a suite and order up after having gone to the spa at the hotel

Jacob & Co ?

we went back again this week for my birthday, and I was tempted to get the Porterhouse, but it wasn't available that night...
we all tried different cuts and shared some Kobe beef- I can't see how it could be any better anywhere else, unless you want the red velvet dark panelling kind of place... the service was top notch, excellent wine pairing and I cannot wait to go back in the New Year to try the Porterhouse!

Alize Toronto Midtown

awful service, unfriendly owners- would never go back
too bad, it's a cute place

Good Service Stories?

this stuff is so great to see
here'sa link to some more stories


St. Louis are great with a pitcher of beer, but on their own- has to be Duff's or McSorleys

Good lunch around University Ave, Queen?

closer to citytv on the north side of Queen is a great sushi place- and it has chep lunch specials- can't remember the name of it right now

Best "BIG" Salads in TO???

Il Fornello has a good salad
lettuce also is good for its veggies and dressings
I also would recommend Dominion if you're on a budget. They have some great deals and they are always fresh- as advertised!
Salads shouldn't be outrageously priced, but they often are. Stay away from Yorkville. Bloor Street Diner has some smaller "salads" like taboulleh and pasta salads that are reasonable and delicious.
Wendy's taco salad is cheap and good for you. (minus the tortilla strips)
Even Pizza Pizza now has some decent salads, but they can be hit or miss, depending on the location. The one with goat cheese is great.
Keep an eye on what lettuce everyone uses, though. Iceberg is cheap and only good for you in small amounts- a good salad has other lettuces and greens.
Even Spinach. Maybe we should also hunt down the best Spinach Salad in town!!

Best Dry-Aged Steak in GTA?

most of the "top" steakhouses serve dry-aged beef in Toronto
N44 is good, Barberian's, the Fifth
Jacob's and Co also had the best in recent memory
check out what style of restaurant you want to go to: some are old school and stuffy, some are hip and elegant

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

La Vecchia, on Yonge, north of Eglinton.

Slightly below that, Terroni is consistently good.

Good Service Stories?

I thought about asking about service nightmares, but then thought it might be more enjoyable to hear about people going above and beyond. I used to eat out all the time and would always leave 20%, no matter what, and then I eventually began leaving 15% for bad service. I don't mind if you forget my drink for a bit, we're all human, but a simple apology goes a long way. Same for ignoring me- at ANY point during my time there: waiting to order, waiting to have things cleared, waiting for the bill (or change).
15 years ago, the Living Well on Yonge had great staff. Personable, but efficient. Surprisingly, the Hard Rock almost always delivers great service. Oliver and Bonacini properties usually have good staff. Most of my lunches at JUMP have been fantastic. All of the staff there went out of there way. Hope they still do.
Sometimes I eat by myself, and that can be a true test to gauge an establishment and a server. Brunch at TOBA on King East usually proves to be worth it. Friendly, with a coffee top-up always in the nick of time.
Most recently, I had the pleasure of going to Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse on Brant Street. Wasn't sure what to expect, which may have been why I was so delighted. Courteous greetings from all staff. Knowledgeable sommelier and server. Courses were timed beautifully, plates were cleared like choreography, yet the service was personable and polished. I felt like I was being looked after. Rarely has a restaurant achieved that in the past. A complimentary dessert wine ended the experience on an even higher note. Kudos to them for weathering their honeymoon phase with such class. It is restaurants like this that make us all want to dine out in the first place. I wish I could do it more often at Jacobs, but it is a little out of my price range. It has provided me with a memory of a near-perfect dining experience. There are many service nightmares out there: it's nice to hear the good stories.
Please share yours...

Private Room for 12

If they like steak, there are is a private room at Jacobs and Co. (the new steakhouse in town). It's moder decor, but high end, old schoolesque (except for the wagyu) cuisine. Your grandparents might like the piano bar there, too.


I thought it was just me, but Bounjour Brioche- good food or not- has had bad service, so I have opted to spend my money elsewhere.
Brassaii on King West has good breakfast all week and brunch.
Cora's-also great.
Toba on King East is friendly, reasonably priced and delicious.
The Senator does have fantastic coffee: what do they put in it?
Fire on the East Side does a good brunch.
Bert and Ernie's on Bloor West (or somewhere right near it) also had a good brunch. Haven't eaten up there in years, though.

Jacob & Co ?

Tried it out a few weeks ago, shortly after it opened...
I have never reviewed a restaurant before but the review in the Star was almost dead on. The only difference was that my (our) steaks were cooked beautifully. They had to have been the best steaks I've ever tasted, which I know sounds crazy- but if you eat them you'll know what I mean. It was expensive, though.
But I should also add that everything, from the hosts to the sommelier to the waiter were operating at a level I have never experienced. New or not, if they can keep it up, this place will become the hot spot of 2008. I am trying to find somebody to take there for dinner who has an expense account.