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Best cities for food by Lyndhurst?

I really appreciate all of the advice and buttertart's link! This move is likely to happen in the next 5-6 months, so I'll post here down the road and let folks know where we went/what I think.

Mar 29, 2011
vinchar in New Jersey

Best cities for food by Lyndhurst?

Hello -- I'll be moving from the SF bay area for a job in Lyndhurst, and am trying to figure out where to live. Any opinions on what would be best city for food within a decent public transit commute of Lyndhurst? Diversity of ethnic cuisines, a wide option of cheap eats, and good pizza are the main criteria.


Mar 27, 2011
vinchar in New Jersey

What should i order at mission chinese food? [San Francisco]

No, what I mean is that you can set up a point-of-authentic-reference test for considering people's opinions that is pretty stifling. While there are people who don't know anything about art and buy bad art, there are also people without formal training or knowledge in art who nevertheless have an eye for good art. I think that the same goes for Chowhounds. I see the value in a point of reference, but I also think that if opinions without a point-of-reference were dismissed simply on the "you don't know anything about art" ground, you'd probably miss some good food. As for the concerns about authenticity, I think that MCF's inauthenticity is pretty well-publicized.

What should i order at mission chinese food? [San Francisco]

I think it's appropriate for a person to trust his or her own palate on whether something is full of chicken flavor, even if the person hasn't tried the same dish at a particular restaurant in Singapore, Hong Kong, or anywhere else for that matter. The person isn't claiming that it's the fullest-flavored chicken rice on planet Earth. The person is describing a particular dish at a particular restaurant, and I think that has value in and of itself to readers who aren't in a position to go to Singapore at the drop of a hat and would still like to know how something in town tastes.

Middle Eastern restaurant that serves goat?

Not Middle Eastern, but you can get goat curry at at least a few south asian restaurants :

Little Delhi in SF around the Powell BART (it's not on the menu, but I eat it for lunch over there)

Al Hamra on 16th Street between Mission and Valencia (I think). I haven't tried it here.

Aangan in Albany on San Pablo Ave. roughly at Solano (next door to the Ivy Room).-- the goat curry here is a Nepali version, according to the prorprietors.

I think I like the gc at Little Delhi a little better than the one at Aangan,

Also, there's goat birria on the weekend at several Mexican places. Chavas (in SF on Mission St. between 24th and 25th) and Chavitas (in SF on Mission St. between 26th and Cesar Chavez) come immediately to mind because they are close to where I live, but that's probably the tip of the iceberg.

I've had goat tacos with handmade tortillas at La Palma Mexicatessen on a Saturday.

Little Delhi
83 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94102

La Palma Mexicatessen
2884 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

854 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

Whole fish

pan fried trout at Lers Ros on Larkin in the Tenderloin.

The best Tikka Masala in the Bay Area?

Little Delhi is NOT closed. I ate goat curry there yesterday.

Rincon Peruano in San Francisco

One thing I have really liked there over the past few years is a medium-sized roast pork sandwich with onions. If you get it to go, you get a little plastic container of fiery stuff that may be the aji you mentioned in your post. I think it's only available on Saturdays, but it's good, and quite cheap (I think under $5).

Regional American cuisines in SF and Bay Area

I would add Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay to the list for New England seafood. Also, Giordano Bros. in North Beach does the Pittsburgh-style Primanti Brothers sandwich well, and I have read good things about the Chicago-style dogs at the Da Beef cart on Folsom and 7th in SF.

where can you buy a muffaletta sandwich between sf and marin

Boccalone in the Ferry building has a delicious panini-ish spin on a muffaletta with spreadable salami.

Taqueria with handmade tortillas in San Francisco

Sorry, that's a sit-down place, just re-read and saw you were looking for taquerias.

Taqueria with handmade tortillas in San Francisco

Chavas, on the east side of Mission St. between 24th and 25th.

That's It: The Center of the Mile - SF

That's true re the cubano. It's kind of a shame that the place will be known for that monstrosity rather than for the normal-sized stuff made with the made-to-order tortillas. The times I've been there, at least as many people have ordered those items as have ordered tortas.

That's It: The Center of the Mile - SF

I've had a torta there with pork leg, and one with chicken. Both quite good and massive, although i don't think they are any better than the tortas at Tortas Los Picudos down 24th street. I don't think the bread at That's It holds up quite as well as the bread at TLP. I think the best things at That's It are the tostadas and quesadillas, the tortillas for both of which the lady makes with masa that she kneads in a bowl, rolls out, and grills to order.

Ground beef burritos

I believe you can get them at Taqueria El Buen Sabor on Valenica around 18th.

Anthony's Cookies

The word "homemade" seems to suggest that whether a cookie is homemade depends on *where* it is made (i.e., on premises or not), rather than the way it is made or what it is made out of. The word homemade can carry different connotations to different people. To some, those connotations are process-oriented, to others they are ingredient-oriented. At least, seems that way from the previous posts.

South Street Steaks is a Comin' to Downtown Bethesda

I live in SF and accidentally found this post whie looking on this board to help my brother, who lives in DC find the best bahn mi in the DC area. "That c**p they eat in California"? Really? Hopefully just an offhand joke! If not, I hope you aren't judging Caliornia-style pizza by California Pizza Kitchen, because I don't see how anyone could call the kind of pizza we get at Pauline's in SF, or the slices at Cheeseboard in Berkeley c**ap. The "California" style is different from NY and Chicago styles for sure, but the distinctive crusts and seasonal and locally-grown and produced toppings generally form pretty damn tasty pies.

Top Burmese Restos in the Bay Area?

Larkin Express Deli.

Larkin Express Burmese Kitchen
452 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102


I don't know enough about Nicaraguan cuisine to know whether it is the norm for empanadas of that country, but the "shell" of the empanadas at The Nicaragua Restaurant in SF (on Mission between 26th and Cesar Chavez), is mashed plantain. The ground beef and rice version is quite tasty and quite large and filling. (In the neighborhood of $3.)

Good Margaritas and Mexican food... Mission District? [San Francisco]

I think that El Delfin (on 24th Street), Poc Chuc (on 16th), Pastores (on MIssion around 30th or Cortland) and Chavas (on Mission between 24th and 25th) all of which are sit down, offer some of the very best Mexican food in the Misson.

Tlayuda, Chapulines at La Oaxaquena, Mission, SF

I stumbled across this place myself on Monday morning and shared a tamale (spinach and cheese) with a friend. It was piping hot, and the gooey, delicious masa was the star of the show. I also sampled a thick, warm, and cinammon-y milk/rice milk drink. I don't remember what it's called.

Mexican without cilantro in SF?

Burrito Factory in San Jose (might be a mini-chain down there, not sure) has chile colorado as a burrito option that I remember being pretty similar to Tito's.

Tofu bahn mi at Out the Door

I've also enjoyed the meatball bahn mi, which, alas, might also be a special (although if OTD always has either that or the tofu bahn mi among its specials, that works out pretty well). I like the (I think, two) other bahn mi on the menu, but the meatball and the tofu are the ones I'm more likely to shell out the extra bucks for. The chicken bun is also pretty damn good -- $3.00, so again not cheap, but fairly substantial and very tasty. Beverage-wise, I usually ask for an Arnold Palmer with their chrysanthemum tea. They usually put both a slice of lime and a slice of lemon in it. As probably to be expected, quite a few inches shorter than a Big Gulp, but quite refreshing.

Tofu bahn mi at Out the Door

I understand how much more expensive the bahn mi at Out the Door are ($8.25) than the bahn mi at any other place in town, but the tofu bahn mi available as a special this past Friday was terrific. The usual veggies (although you have to ask for jalapenos) and a substantial amount of marinated tofu in an (I think) Acme baguette. It was a special, so I don't know whether it is still being served, but if it is, and if you are willing to pay the price, I'd recommend it.

Return to Larkin Express Deli

On Wednesdays only, they have a biryani that looks delicious but that I haven't tried.

SF - Kasa Indian - Castro

I think they call it lamb baida roti - basically an egg-washed roti.

Which Naan n Curry is the best?

I've found the taste of the food from Pakwan to Pakwan to be less consistent than the taste of the food at the Naan and Currys. I have, however, always had my best Pakwan experiences at the one on O'Farrell. Part of it is that unlike at the 16th Street Pakwan, you can get roti at the O' Farrell outlet, but part of it also is that the food I've had there has been more fiery and less greasy.

Best Shawarma in SF?

Having been to both Truly Med and Old Jerusalem several times -- but Old Jerusalem a greater # of times for logistical reasons -- I'd say Truly Med is the better of the two for shawarma.

Best chile verde?

I've had it a few times at Chavas and have always enjoyed it.

Great food near Civic Centre Station?

I haven't had enough chile verde to know whether any of these qualify as great, but I have really enjoyed the chile verde plates at Chavas (on the east side of Mission between 24th and 25th) and Chavitas #2 (on the west side of Mission between 26th and Cesar Chavez), as well as the take-out chile verde at La Palma Mexicatessen (on 24th at Florida, I think)