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John Brown Smokehouse /Alchemy in Old Ranger BBQ space

Looks like John Brown has taken over the former Pearson's\Ranger space in the back of Legends in Jackson Heights. It's now called Alchemy and will be focusing on Texas BBQ. There was a very soft opening last night and I stopped by and had some ribs and skirt steak. I was happy. Here's hoping it works out.

Mr Bruno's in East Elmhurst /Jackson Heights

Has anyone tried the recently opened Mr Bruno's in the Shopping Center on 76th and 31st Ave? It replaced the dreadful Rosa's that's been in that location for years. Apparently they have a shop in New Jersey that's well received. Here's Slices take on the Jersey outpost.

Joe's Pork Store - The Best There Is

Actually, they moved into Buon Appetit Deli on Ditmars. Very close to their old location. I've yet to try it though.

Buon Appetit
36-12 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105


I've asked the gang at Mama's about the new stadium a few times and they seemed pretty confidant they were getting a new spot. I can't imagine them not getting one.

Go Mets

UFC Liquor License and Kyochon comparison?

At this point I've tried UFC numerous times, Bon Chon, Kyochon and Kyedong once.

I think they are all very good and whichever one is best would just be a matter of preference.

If you liked Kyochon I'm sure you'll like UFC.

Mama's/Leo's -Pizza Rustica

I was there easter weekend as well. While I wasn't too crazy about the Pizza Rustica I did really enjoy the Basket Cheese. One of the owners gave us a sample with salt and pepper sprinkled on it. Very tasty.

As far as the hot heros go I've only had the roast pork(Thursdays) and the eggplant (Fridays). The roast pork is just a great sandwich certainly worth a sick day. The eggplant was good too. Just a bit messy but hell, that's worth a sick day as well.

According to this site Mikes on Arthur Avenues has the pizza rustica all year round. I've only seen at Mama's around easter.

pizza not in decline: LOUIE AND ERNIES in the bronx

That's one I've been meaning to try for a while. What's parking like over there?

Delivery in Jackson Heights?

Pio Pio has a wide delivery area 70th to 96th, Astoria Blvd to Roosevelt.


175th and Broadway Saturday Night

Mambi was still open after i got out of the Stooges show there a few months back.

Oct 11, 2007
east elmhurst al in Manhattan

So what's new? (looking for Flushing Chinese, or any cuisine in JH/Elmhurst and Astoria)

Have you tried any of the Korean fried chicken places? I've enjoyed UFC (on the same block as Burmese Cafe) but I understand the ones in Flushing are even better.

Flushing Dumpling Run - Please Advise

Yes, The Elmhurst King 5 is gone. I noticed it a few weeks ago.

DeFonte's Closed?

Hopefully just vacation. That's a great place.

El Sitio on Roosevelt downhill alert!!!

There was an older gentleman making the cubanos who is no longer there. When he made them they were wonderful. He left maybe 2 years ago. Since then they've been getting more and more disappointing with each visit. I must say I've never had anything that was inedible it's just not as good as it was.

Astoria dogs?

that closed a while back

BZ Grill Kew Gardens

I noticed it when I was on jury duty back in March. It had the exact same logo on the awning as the one in Astoria but it wasn't open yet. The next time I went to the Astoria branch I asked the counter man and he was a little weird about it but he basically said they tried to open one there but it never took. Now that I think about it, although the awning looked brand new there didn't seem to be much work going on inside. So who knows. Maybe it's a copy cat or maybe it's a failed attempt at expansion. I'm seldom in that neck of the woods so if you find out more let me know. I love the Astoria one and when I do Jury duty again in 6 years it would make the ordeal a little more pleasant.

Sorry for any confusion


BZ Grill Kew Gardens

It's in that alleyway next to that Nathans.

Papaya King 86th st temporarily shut down

I went by today and it was closed. I imagine it's only for a few days.

Mar 22, 2007
east elmhurst al in Manhattan

BZ Grill Kew Gardens

Looks like a branch of BZ Grill will be opening up in Kew Gardens across the street from the court house. Should make a tasty lunch for the jury duty set.

UFO/UFC on Roosevelt

I stopped by there last night and got a small order of chicken half soy-garlic and half hot. The owner said the hot was the specialty and I have to say I enjoyed it much more than the soy-garlic. The small order consisted of three drumsticks and maybe 6 or 7 wings. All in all it was a good meal.

I must disagree on the delivery bike...the one I saw was all yellow and black...very chickeny looking.

Best Pizza in Queens ??

How bout Dedona pizza in Woodside? I don't think it's the best in Queens but it's a classic New York slice competently made by the same family for the last 20 or 30 years. Nothing fancy, no high end ingredients just good. It's on 31st Ave and 54th street.

Corona - 108th Street

I had a slice once and I wasn't very impressed. There's a pizza place on the other side of Roosevelt on about 103rd does anyone know anything about that place?

Noodle Pho

Wow...that bad. Well I enjoyed it. I'll have to make it a point to check out the places in Elmhurst. Thanks for the response.

Noodle Pho

I got a haircut at Sal's on 37th ave. I needed to celebrate. I figured i'd try out that newish spot on 73rd st called Noodle Pho. It's tiny little restaurant with maybe 5 or so tables off of Roosevelt ave. It somehow manages to be both rundown and cheery at the same time. Go figure.

I ordered the Chicken Pho and some egg rolls. As soon as I finished ordering, a plate of bean sprouts, jajlpenos, cilantro and a lime wedge appeared on my table alongside a plate of Kimchi. The Kimcchi was wonderful but I thought it a little strange for a Vietnamese place but what the hell. Then the Pho arrived. A huge bowl of Chicken and noodles(only 5.99) I loaded it up with bean sprouts, jalapenos etc and dug in. It was a little bland at first but after I added some of the pepper sauce that was sitting on my table it came to life. I should say that this is the first bowl of Pho I've ever had but I thought it was excellent. It tasted very fresh and clean. Not the least bit oily. The noodles were of a fine, firm texture and the chicken was well chicken. Once again...very good.

The two women who were running the place couldn't have been any nicer. They gave me a second plate of kimchi after I devoured the first, they filled me up with more soup when I was down to only noodles and they told me wouldn't serve me the eggrolls because they werent fresh. I thought that was nice.

Has anyone else tried this place? How does it compare to other Pho in the extended hood?

They also list Ra Myun on the menu so maybe ther is a little Korean/Vietnamese thing going on

late dining in elmhurst/jackson heights/sunnyside?

Taqueria Coatzingo is open til 6(76th and Roosevelt)..Zabb is open til 2 (71st and roosevelt)...and the taco cart in front of the Roosevelt Ave stop is there pretty late and is very good.

there's plenty more but those are my regular stops

red hook ballfields

Drinks after DiFara's

Your best bet may be to bring your own wine. It's a long wait at Difara's and a bottle of wine may make it go down smoother.

When you place your order don't retreat to a seat. Either you or your boyfriend need to wait at the counter or risk being forgotten.

El Jarro (De Mole) Is Great -- Really?

I'm with you Cara. I've been 3 times and have yet to be overly impressed.

I've had the grilled pork chops which were tough and flavorless, the tinga de puebla which was too watery for my taste and the ceviche which just didnt work.

On the positive side I've enjoyed the guacamole and the chicken taquitos. I felt the enchiladas verde were good, not great.

That being is cheap and it is a nice place decor wise.
I may give it one more shot because I'd like it to work but as of now it's just not doing it for me.

mama's aka leo's closed?

I was there this Saturday and there was no mention of it.

Perhaps you're thinking of the Corona Heights Pork Store which closed a while back.

Inadvertant Khao Homm meal-review

I ate there during the blackout and it was good. Not as complex as Sri but they sure turn up the heat when you ask for it. Which, sadly, Sri doesn't always do anymore.