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Fresh porcini mushrooms in Toronto?

Try Forbes. They had some fresh ones at the Brickworks today, but ran out. Apparently they also sometimes had them at Dufferin Farmers market on Thursdays as well - depends on what the foragers find in a given week.

Das Gasthaus

Was curious myself, so I gave them a call - I was told they were opening later this week. The menu is to be up in the next day or two. 12 taps with 7 german, and 5 craft (well sounded like the larger craft) taps.

Good eats at Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market?

I was there last Saturday and Clements Crepes will be indoors this coming week (not sure about whole winter).

Also definitely recommend Sosnicki's perogies - Jesse said she hasn't had time to make any yet, but will once winter gets here.

Recommend Marvellous Edibles as well - love their fresh bratwurst

How to get a copy of LCBO's 2011 Food & Drink Holiday magazine ?

I don't know why but there were lots of the holiday edition on last Friday Dec 16th at the Victoria Park and Danforth location

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

I have to agree with downtownfoodie that the analysis of the situation by the healthy butcher is incredibly clear. The unfortunate thing is that most people intuitively realize that there is a problem, but then greed gets the better of them.

ISO German or Austrian Breakfast Buns (Broetchen)

I would have to say that the Brandt outlet store has a better bun than Dimpflmeier, which I found very strange, as Dimpflmeier generally has good quality breads. Also interested in who their supplier might be, but not expecting to find the types of buns that I've tasted in Germany (I dream about the buns I had as a child visiting the Black forest area)

Looking for smoked scallops in Toronto

I bought some canned smoked scallops, smoked salmon and smoked tuna from The Fishery from the west coast - - at the One of a Kind Show - all very good

What excellent, gift-worthy, Ontario foodstuffs (not restaurant food, CSAs, or veggie boxes) do you order by phone or Internet to have shipped?

Went to the St. Viateur Bagel website, and noticed these bagels are now supposed to be available at select Metro locations in Toronto. One is where i shop at Shoppers World. Haven't seen them there, but haven't really looked. I will have to try them. Guess there is no need to ship them in.

Heirloom tomato seedlings

I saw many varieties of heirloom tomatoes plants at Green Barn Farmers market on Saturday at the Sosnicki organics booth. Sosnicki is also at the Dufferin market on Thursdays.

Best LCBO scotch under $60

Ok, given the price range requested above, I would probably go with the THE BALVENIE 12 YR. DOUBLEWOOD* - Price: $ 59.95 (with 5 cents to spare), or if you wanted to go a little less expensive maybe the ABERLOUR HIGHLAND MALT 10 YR* - Price: $ 41.45.

Picnic at the Brick Works 2008

Just came across the info for this year's Brick Works Picnic on Sunday, September 14, 2008 from Noon – 4pm. Noticed that the price has been increased to $90 from $75, but from all accounts from the 2007 event was well worth the money:
You can find thread on 2007 event at

Was very unhappy that I managed to miss last year's event. Advance tickets on sale at

Hope to see some of you there.

ISO: Maple butter

Hi led2,
Purchased maple butter last Sat at the brickworks farmers market on Sat. morning. The vendor indicated that she would be there every week. Had excellent maple syrup and other maple syrup as well.

Cocoa nibs

Hi Miss Clawdy,
Have seen these guys at Dufferin farmers market on Thursdays and Brickworks on Sat. mornings.
Hope this helps.

Farmers' Markets 2008

Being a regular at the Brickworks market, it would be unfortunate if a few hardcore green activists changed the vibe of this lovely market. I have been driving several people including elderly and handicapped individuals that would have problems reaching the market, and carrying their purchased home through the ttc. I actually found out about this $5 parking info from a vendor at the Dufferin market, who is also at Brickworks. There is concern that with many other markets starting up, such as Withrow on Saturday mornings at the same time, people will be put off and go to another market (or no market at all). That being said, 4 or 5 of us are carpooling to Brickworks tomorrow and will report on what's up

On another note, did stop by East Lynn Market yesterday as well (I know, am a farmers market junkie, but all were legitimately on my route back from a meeting), and although there were no organic veggie stands that I noticed, there was a mennonite (?) meat stand selling organic beef and free-range chickens, etc that looks very promising. Picked up a couple of fresh organic steaks (they have fresh and frozen) that were very tasty. Couple of pepperettes not so much.

Cajun Corner Leaving Leslieville

I was in the area this morning and decided to try out the new location - it opened up at just after 11. It will be open until 8pm today - probably same hours during the rest of the week, but they are not posted. There are still a few kinks to work out as would be expected. Phone lines aren't in yet, so no debit, liquor license not in yet, but soon... but these are small things that will be easily addressed. The main thing was the catfish and gumbo were excellent, as was the service. Everyone was in good spirits. There are 8 tables in the new location, with additional room on the patio (looks like a nice place for a summer meal, especially when the liquor license comes in). I would not be surprised if I end up there again this evening, once the mrs. finds out that it is open and that I didn't pick her up a po boy.

Stem Ginger

It's been a couple of years since this post was first made, and can't seem to find this "wind goose chase" item that my wife put on the shopping list. Any current lead to find this item would be appreciated. Looking in the Toronto area, preferably central or east.

Reliable Fish 'n Chips - Queen St. East

I will have to check out Reliable as well, but did go to British Style this Sunday, and was served up a huge piece of fish with a nice thin greaseless layer of batter. My wife couldn't even finish hers, and that is a rarity. Fries were very good and plentiful as well. Would rate fish and chips as very good. Strange how vorpal was given what seems like a totally different service. Would warn that you not order scallops though, as these are previously frozen and terrible.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Family Dining--NOT!

Wish I had seen this thread 10 years ago. Have suffered though several sub-par meals on our annual visit to NOTL, but have to say that the Stone Road Grille in particular and the Angel Inn are making up for the lost years. Thanks for the other suggestions.