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Taste of JP Thur 11/21

Taste of JP is Thursday night 11/21. Over 20 places from TenTables, VeeVee, JP Seafood, JP Licks to Boston Beer and many more. Great annual event that is also a fundraiser for the small local non profit ESAC that does GED, foreclosure counseling, senior home repair and runs the Egleston Peace Garden. This year it has to be in West Roxbury because regular venue being renovated. Some West Roxbury representation too. Live music and silent auction.

Elks Lodge One Morrell St (corner of Spring) West Roxbury 6:30-9:30pm

Strip T's increasing funkiness

Used to come here when it was just a good lunch stop and had not been back in years. Had a fun & interesting dinner recently so went back today for lunch. Tasty burger according to my 9 year old who said it was better than James Gate's but not as good as Costello's in JP (way below his favorite from the Cowboy Club in Sedona), the house smoked turkey Reuben would have been excellent if they had wrung out the grease soaked bread first--really over the top oily. The Japanese eggplant banh mi was a creative take that I thought only needed a few more veggies but, as with my taste of the burger, a bit over the top salty and I am not someone who is shy with the kosher shaker.

Restaurant practices you'd like to see become more common

Any upscalish place that brings complimentary bread--it should be warmed...

in search of the best pancakes in the Boston area

Sugar in Roslindale for the lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries is a worthwhile pancake excursion.

Fiorella's post-renovation (slightly longish)

Old posting but since this place still comes up: I have to go this place occasionally because an older family member likes it. Aside from the excellent complementary garlic bread this place is really bad for anything beyond the chicken/veal parm expectations. Rarely decent service and even the stingy wine pours that have been mentioned in the past by others still piss me off...Someone else spoke about being offered fresh Parmesan cheese but either they were mistaken or that is new--as of a few months ago they did not have fresh parm available...

olive oil?

Kirkland just changed its Tuscany house brand which was fantastic for the price, now their house brand is a new bottle and labelled Kirkland/Filippo Berio...

Taste of Jamaica Plain

For those who like a buffet of great places to eat in one spot, tonight, Thursday 11/17 at 6:30pm is The Taste of Jamaica Plain at Cedars of Lebanon Hall (Rockwood Street in JP), Ten Tables and about 22 other local eateries are doing an all you can taste event that is always fun and tasty. Band, auction, etc. and we get to eat and support a good cause, a local non profit. Even Boston Brewery, the Sam Adams people, as well as the new microbrewery, Blue Hills Brewery, are there with tasty treats for grownups!

Ten Tables
5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138

best lobster roll

I really looked forward to a lobster roll a couple of weeks back at my first trip to B&G and found it did not compare that well to the cheap and tasty one from Kelly's. By the way I found the bouillabaisse disappointing at B&G too... The old funny line "the food was not that good and such small portions" kept coming to my mind.

Best italian sub in the area

Several posters recommend Bob's Fine Foods in Medford, I strongly agree but you have to ask for the "Deluxe Imported" Italian that costs extra or you will get a very ordinairy sub...

Aquitane Chestnut Hill recs?

I have found each of 3 trips there very disappointing. My last memory is of inedible ravioli, squash I think.

Good fish market w/ good prices for picky fish eater

I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and sale prices on several items at the fish department at the West Roxbury Roche Bros...

Best Italian sub in Somerville area

I am a fan of Bob's Italian sub too, just remember to order the "deluxe" or "imported" Italian for better quality meats--otherwise it is quite ordinary.