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Buying local / humane meat?

There is definitely a happy medium with places like Rowe Farms. Their mission statements are on their web site and posted in their stores.

I was able to get reading material about the Animal Welfare Association at the Leslieville store, proving their practices are approved.

What is the best Deli Turkey & Roast Beef?

Rowe Farms in Leslieville or at the north St. Lawrence Market does their own roast beef and turkey with nothing added. Nothing.

Steak question

I have experienced with great steaks from Cumbrae's and Royal Beef. But for close to home I have had great experience with Rowe Farms. Some steaks more marbled then others, you just have to go with what looks best that visit. Plus I like the fact they know exactly what one of their farms your meat/pork/chicken came from.

Prices are up there but not as expensive as certified organic.

I strongly would strongly suggest that although a very good bang for your buck, meats from places like Cosco and T&T are the hormone and steroid induced meat products that we should be avoiding.

Good quality meat is worth the price in my option.

The Healthy Butcher?

Bought some very yummy steaks there last summer, although my jaw did drop when I came to the check out counter.

Check out Rowe Farms, their soon opening a retail location in Leslieville. I agree with their standards and have enjoyed their steaks, sausages and free run chicken on many occasion from the St. Lawrence Farmer's market stand that is there every Saturday.

Maybe one of those is closer to your hood?

Lady and Sons (Butcher) = Disappointing

Soon there will be another butcher shop to try out...

Rowe Farm's is coming to Queen and Logan, March 1st (ish)

All natural meats, good web site.

Organic meat in the east end?

There is a Rowe Farm Meat's going in at Queen E and Logan around March 1st. They will offer natural meats as well as a line of organic dairy products.

My search in the Beach - long

Talk about bad luck Jules! It has been awhile since I lived in the beach (just over a year) but I had pleasant experiences for dinner at La Sauvignon. Due to the mass lineups for b-fast at Sunset Grill, just a block or two west of it is another b/fast dinner place that was better (simular name). My fav place to go for casual dinner and a great patio on the summer is Allan's. I would go there for the pad thai of all things. Also I remember a good Italian place, west end of beaches, beside the Avada store. Large dinner portions for a reasonable price.

Hope this helps....I know vague and outdated, but those are the places I miss about living in that hood.

FYI - I am now in Leslieville, lots of old and new places to eat here!! (Huge list of brunch places) Not too far of a hike!

Rowe Farms opening in Leslieville!

Can we not all just be happy another 'foodie' type store is going up in Leslieville???

Opening is set for March 1st now - I have heard.

A weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Stone Road Grill hands down for dinner! Was just there a month ago and left completely satisfied. Good service, food, oysters, and wine. We had a late reso (9pm) so it was nice being there while busy then finishing with the place to ourselves. I am jealous of your weekend already!

Where/What to buy Foie Gras?

What you want to get is a small tin of prepared foie gras that your friend can spread onto some bagette. These are available at any fine foods' store. Anywhere from 20-50 bucks. I don't think you would want to get them a lobe of foie gras that they have to de-vein, season and cook. I have been given the tins as a gift and was greatly appreciative.

Leslieville's Butcher Shop!!

Where is Zane Patisserie? Definitly not next door to Starbucks at Queen and Logan.

Leslieville's Butcher Shop!!

I found out what is going in next door to Starbucks!! Yes we are finally getting a butcher shop! Apparently it is a established company in Toronto called Rowe's Meats. It will be a all Natural Meat distributor. So not as expensive as organic meat. That is all I know...assume it will take some time to get all the equipment set up. Hopefully not as long as it took BS Bakery to get operational!!

Batifole French Restaurant

For a veggie that eats fish - lots of options, for those veggies that don't, I can't quite remember, I think there was a risotto and pasta option, at least one veg salad and soup. They are so great there, I am sure a special request for something to be done veggie would be honoured.

I suggest when you make your reservation, ask them to come up with something extra to choose from. (in fact try this anywhere, with a little notice this is not an unreasonable request!)

Batifole French Restaurant

Wow, wow, wow!! French cuisine is my all time favorite and this is currently where I go for reasonably priced french food and french wine. Both Quebec and European influences. The service really tops it all off. Seems to be the same two guys working the floor, and the younger one remembered our names and squeezed us in without a reservation on our second visit! Fall/winter menu is out....le cassoulet c'est fantastique!