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a brief comment on a late-night torta

Your description of their tortas hits it on the head exactly. They're not great, I would describe them as pretty alright.

If you feel up to it though, you should try their "La Muy Torta." It's a milanesa torta with head-cheese. It takes the milanesa torta to the next level. It too is better if you're drunk, but alright regardless.

Do not bother with the tacos.


Mar 05, 2009
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Best torta in East L.A. area

I've been eating all the cemitas my heart can take lately.

For East LA, I like La Placita del D.F. on the north side of 1st between Bailey and State. I tried the milanesa and it was pretty good, but then I tried the pata de rez and DAMN, that was good. When I ordered it I could tell the girl didn't want to sell it to me. She warned me that it was, "different." I said bring it on. In a minute she surprised me by giving me a spoonful of the "meat." It was gelatinous, spicy, cold, and delicious. I think it was pickled (and I love anything pickled!). The cemita bread was toasted, so it wasn't exactly a cold sandwich, but it was freaking good; if you like that sort of strange-meat-products eating experience.

Cemitas Poblanas Elvirita, also on 1st, but at Julien, makes a great cemita de barbacoa. Get it with quesillo and chipotle: awesome. The thing was stuffed with a ton of roasted lamb/mutton.

The cemita milanesa from Tacos Por Favor isn't bad if you're out that far west.

Sorry for the cemita sidetrack, but I've been obsessed lately.


Mar 05, 2009
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Best torta in East L.A. area

I'm no expert, so I don't know about the best, but there is a damn good torta ahogada in a mini-mall on the corner of E 3rd and McDonnell Ave, just down from the King Taco. I can't remember the name of the place, but it says "Tortas Ahogadas" in big letters on the side of the place. You can't miss it if you're looking.

Ahogada means "drowned" and they serve the torta on a plastic lined basket/plate swimming in some of the spiciest sauce I've had in a while: it's not for those who can't take heat. It may sound soggy and strange, but the bread they use holds up to the sauce well and it is very tasty. I recommend it highly.

I didn't have a chance to try anything else on the menu, but there seemed to be things I haven't seen before, so I'll be back.

Mar 04, 2009
mistr in Los Angeles Area

The Other Noodle - The Fresh, Hand-Made Udon of Kotohira! [Review] w/ Pics!

This place is great and they have amazing potato salad. I gotta get back to Gardena.

Mar 03, 2009
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Mariscos Chente, the king of Mexican sashimi reopens on the Westside w/pics

Congratulations on having an experience outside of your comfort zone. It gets easier.

Feb 16, 2009
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Best tacos on west side?

If you like the clayuda at El Super Taco, you should try the ones next door at Monte Alban. Much better and, if I remember correctly, not more expensive.

Dec 04, 2008
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Tacos Don Jorge has opened on Venice

Yeah, I've only been once, but this place rocks. My favorite is the cabeza. They do some of the best I've had in a while, but I haven't been there for probably 6 months.

Aug 11, 2008
mistr in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: El Super Taco

yeah, their tacos are boring. i actually think their salsas are rather bland too. the only thing to get there are the tortas.

i'm no torta expert, but i think they're pretty great, and if it's busy you'll notice that everyone is ordering tortas. at least that's the case when i'm there.

Mar 12, 2008
mistr in Los Angeles Area

in desparate need of ghanaian food

Wow, I'd like to know too. I never figured I could find Ghanaian food here though.

Some fufu (foofoo?) in soup would be awesome.

Dec 20, 2007
mistr in Los Angeles Area

Seeking high-end loose teas -- PLEASE HELP

The kind that looks like an opening flower is jasmine and is usually available in better Chinese tea and herb shops. One of my favorite shops for Chinese tea is Ten Ren in Chinatown:

Ten Ren's Tea Time
727 N. Broadway Suite 136
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 213-626-8844

They have many great teas, some of which are really expensive, but you should be able to stay within your budget.

Dec 10, 2007
mistr in Los Angeles Area