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Hatch Chiles 2012

Nob Hill market in Alameda has flyers out today about the hatch chile roasting. The clerk mentioned that they would be roasting this weekend and next weekend. Sorry that the details are sketchy but my brain decided to momentarily go on vacation leaving the rest of me in line at the store. I thought a flyer was in my bag but no.

Dim Sum Alameda

In addition to Chef's Wok and East Ocean, Webster Street now offers dim sim at Kapok Seafood Restaurant. Currently they are runnng a special, small, medium, and large plates are $1.99/each.
My boss took out the office for lunch today. I was unable to catch the name of everything he ordered due to the din and my own hearing issue. What I did enjoy was the chicken feet (very tender), har gou (light wrappers, lots of shrimp), another steamed dumpling that was shrimp & spinach (same as har gou), and a taro cake much like lo bak gao. The boss also selected spare ribs (looked meaty), fried taro puff, and tofu skin roll ( good, but I prefer the one at East Ocean).
The dining room was crowded at a little after noon, but there were free table when we left about 1. They serve dim sum from 11 - 3.

Chef's Wok
1821 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

Kapok Seafood Restaurant
1511 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

Bay Area Shamrock Shake sightings?

It is that time of year again. I noticed the Shamrock Shake sign up at the McDonald's on Shoreline Drive in Alameda. I would have stopped, but 8:15 a.m. seemed a tad too early for a shake.

Yes, I know it is Mother's Day.... But Please DON'T take me to Brunch/Dinner!

In the past I would run screaming from the idea of eating out for Mother's Day. But this year I would give anything to be able to do it. My mom has become bedridden. The allure of breakfast in bed doesn't appeal. I make all her meals and they are all special. Just be careful what you wish for because someday you will really long to be stuck waiting subpar food that you would be willing to pay any price for as it is cheap in comparison.

May 10, 2009
boxerma in Not About Food

Mothers Cookies

I bought a bag of the Circus Animals yesterday at the market. As soon as the bag was scanned, I opened it up and shared them with the checker and the courtsey clerks. Just couldn't wait. Oh the sweet slightly salty waxy pink and white goodness. A happy part of a not too good day.

May 08, 2009
boxerma in General Topics


Born and raised in CA checking in. My folks are from PA, Dad Philadelphia, Mom Lebanon. When I can find it, I get Habersetts. I make it like Grandma - dusted with flour then fried to crispy in a well seasoned (3rd generation) cast-iron skillet. Serve with applebutter or applesauce. Heck, I just enjoy it plain. When visiting PA, I purchase it at either Heagy's or Weaver's at either Green Dragon or Root's. I prefer the Heagy's version. My mom being a "country girl" even had us make scrapple from scratch at home when we were kids. We used a fresh pigs head that we got in Chinatown. Never knew what adventure she would come up with next.

May 08, 2009
boxerma in General Topics

Lunch in Alameda

Not too far is Kamakura for Japanese. They are at Broadway & Santa Clara. Lunch is 11:30-2:30. They tend to be quiet. 2549 Santa Clara. Our office goes there at least twice a week.

Asena is in the same block has Mediterranean. I've only had a catered dinner from them, but many friends go there for lunch. 2508 Santa Clara.

Pan de Muertos (Day of the Dead Bread) sightings?

I saw Pan de Muertos being sold at Costco San Leandro last Friday. I didn't make any notes unfortunately as it wasn't on my list.