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Unusual Ethnic Dining Options, Downtown Area

Hey Everybody,

My very-shortly-wife-to-be and I will be honeymooning in Seattle (as well as the San Juans and Vancouver) in the next weeks, and I have been using these boards to check up on interesting places to eat, we appreciate all the good information.

The big question we have at this point: We have a tradition of trying to eat in as many interesting ethnic restaurants as we possibly can when we travel. We have heard of a Senegalese restaurant, we will be hitting Ethiopian as often as we can, is there anything else we should try? Kurdish? Guatemalan? Sri Lankan? South Carolina Gullah? We would love to be surprised. Of course suggestions for anything else are also most appreciated, Seattle is going to have options in every category that Anchorage can't touch.

We are staying downtown, but would be willing to travel a bit of something really appealing appeared.

Thanks in advance,


Aug 28, 2012
alaskanalex in Greater Seattle