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Jackson Hole Food Review

I agree w/ Melly. Jackson isn't really Wyoming. People from Wyoming don't really live there or consider it a part of their state.

On the other hand, the Gun Barrel specializes in wild game and it is very good.
Jedidiah's House of Sourdough is very good for breakfast. The few locals who live there, eat there. I think the Sweetwater at King and Pearl is very good also.

But I am from Wyoming, so maybe my standards aren't the same.

Oct 31, 2007
katejlogan in Mountain States

On a roadtrip through Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, Utah. recs?

If you get to Jackson and you want wild game go to the Gun Barrel Steak & Game House. It is excellent. Somewhat pricey but worth it. They have seasonal hours so check first. Reservations recommended. It gets very busy there.

You can have buffalo anything at the Irma Inn in Cody. It is the hotel that Buffalo Bill Cody started back in the day. There is rumored to be a haunted motel room there also, but I do not know first hand.

Oct 31, 2007
katejlogan in Southwest

Road Trip (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

If you make it through Atlantic City, go to the "Merc" It has excellent food and the decor is very cool. In Lander, stop at the CowFish for dinner or the Gannet Grill next door for lunch.

Wyoming food?

The restaurant in the depot in Cheyenne is good. Jeffrey's Bistro in Laramie is excellent. Su Casa in Sinclair is also very good. Maxwell's in Cody is very good. CowFish in Lander is excellent. Old Yellowstone Garage in Jackson is top notch. If you drive through Metetessee, stop at the diner on Main Street (there is only one) and have a piece of pie. It is TO DIE FOR. An added bonus is that the juke box in the bar next door has 5 songs for a buck.

Unless you hit Chugwater during their summer festival, the chili isn't worth the stop.

Happy travels.

Oct 31, 2007
katejlogan in Mountain States