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Where to eat alone in Park Slope

Have a bit of time to kill on a Friday night, solo, in Park Slope. Where should I eat? Don't want to spend too much $$ or feel like I'm taking up valuable real estate...

Jun 10, 2010
cayt in Outer Boroughs

Loved Get Fresh in Park Slope!

Just had an unexpectedly wonderful meal at Get Fresh on 5th Ave in Park Slope. I had thought it was some sort of semi-takeout-but-you-have-to-cook-it-yourself place. Not any more!!

Fresh, beautifully and simply prepared food, great service, nice ambience. Some what like Craft in Manhattan, in terms of the way the food was prepared and plated, but not nearly so precious. And quite affordable. Although they are BYOB, Get Fresh will order any from a small recommended list of wines from the wine shop down the block and have it delivered! How's that for convenient AND cheap??

It doesn't seem like the place is ever crowded when i walk by, which I think is due to the confusion about it's prior life. I'd encourage anyone to give Get Fresh a try, all 6 of us (very differing eating personalites) at dinner loved it.

Get Fresh
370 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Jan 20, 2010
cayt in Outer Boroughs

40th Birthday Dinner in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

Any recommendations for a 40th Birthday Dinner, midweek, with a few friends, in Park Slope or Prospect Heights? Already in consideration: Al di la, Applewood, Stone Park Cafe, Sotto Voce, Blue Ribbon, Convivium to hear feedback, or new suggestions, esp in P Heights. Thanks!

May 19, 2008
cayt in Outer Boroughs

kid-friendly along 95 between new york city & essex ct

4 adults, 4 kids. Going up 95 from nyc saturday morning to essex ct. Back down to nyc that evening. Any good recs for lunch and/or dinner between new haven and essex?

Oct 30, 2007
cayt in All New England Archive