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Tokyo - 7 days of eating

i am heading to Tokyo next week with the sole intention of enjoying the fine food Tokyo has to offer. i have looked through many of the wonderfully helpful posts on CH and have come up with the following:

Saturday - dinner: Souten for Yakitori
Sunday - lunch: Sumida for udon, dinner: la Table du Robuchon
Monday - lunch: Kondo for tempura; dinner: Sushi (hope to secure a booking at Yoshitake, Umi or Kanesaka if not too late, any other suggestions?)
Tuesday - lunch: tuna cheek at fish market; dinner: Ryugin or maybe Kaiseki??
Wednesday - Obana for Eel; Dons de la Nature for steak
Thursday - day trip, dinner: maybe Fuku or some Izakaya???
Friday - lunch: Kyubey for sushi, dinner: Butagumi for tonkatsu
Saturday - lunch: Mutekiya for ramen

My partner and I do not drink but we love to eat. We have been to Tokyo a couple of times and traveled around other parts of Japan. We have considered a kaiseki meal but were disappointed with Kikunoi in Tokyo although Kikunoi in Kyoto was amazing. Would consider a kaiseki meal if comparable to those in Kyoto.

I am hoping to get some suggestions for Tuesday and Thursday dinner? In terms of restaurants or type of food.

thanks for help to date.

Jun 03, 2013
mjltam in Japan

L'ambroisie - feuilleté de truffe fraîche

I am visiting Paris at the beginning of October and would like to visit L'ambroisie if they have the "feuilleté de truffe fraîche" on the menu. I have trawled through the many threads here for information, searched the web and checked their website from which I cannot see it. I have been to L'ambroisie previously and thought it was amazing but am thinking to try somewhere different unless they have this on the menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 26, 2012
mjltam in France