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Udupi Palace SF open

Terrific news! Thanks for the report. I've been waiting for it to open.

Favorite Restaurants in the Mission

I guess we must have similar tastes since many people have already mentioned my favorite places:

Delfina/Pizzeria Delfina

I also love Dosa, but it does get a little loud at dinner. I like to go for brunch. It's pretty quiet and I've never had to wait.

Ti Couz is also great - one of my old time favorites.

And I love the pupusas and delicious salsa at Panchitas #3.

Thanks for the Breakfast/Brunch Recs!

Thank you all for the breakfast and brunch recommendations! My husband and I had a wonderful trip and ate some equally wonderful food.

Clinton Street Baking Company was adorable! I loved the blueberry pancakes and was surprised by the copious amounts of blueberries. Yum! Huge portions.

Barney Greengrass seemed like a quintessential NYC experience. The nova lox was delicious with my everything bagel and surprisingly tasty scrambled eggs.

The crossiants at Patisserie Claude were AMAZING! Honestly, the best I've ever had. They were warm, flaky and buttery. I'm sad I only had a chance to eat there once.

I wasn't blown away by the bagels at Murray's, but it was nice and quick. Definitely better than your average bagel.

Brunch at Five Points was pleasant. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the hearty fare. It definitely fueled me for the day!

We also both enjoyed brunch at Prune. The wait wasn't so bad. They quoted an hour, and when we came back 40 minutes later they had already called our name. It is definitely a tiny space, but very charming. Smaller portions than Five Points, but that's probably for the best. The "Prune" juice was tasty.

My personal favorite breakfast item of the trip was the Sour Cream Hazelnut Waffle with Warm Berries at Balthazar. I typically go for the salty breakfast items, but this dish was fantastic!

Thanks again for all your help. If you find yourself in San Francisco, definitely check out my favorites for brunch: Universal Cafe and Canteen!

May 28, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Best Breakfast place in Eastbay

I love La Note in Berkeley. Bette's Oceanview Diner is great too. I thought 900 Grayson was tasty and would definitely go again if I was in the area.

Love Breakfast & Brunch

Thanks for your input. I'll check out August. And, luckily (?), I'm used to waiting here in SF too! :-)

May 12, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Late Lunch in Brooklyn - Where to go?

Terrific! Thank you both for all your help - I really appreciate it!

May 12, 2008
sfcitygirl in Outer Boroughs

Love Breakfast & Brunch

Thanks for letting me know about Little Owl. I wasn't so sure, but it has received good reviews for dinner (for the most part).

Also, I loved your post about breakfast - I remember reading it and getting some great ideas! Maybe we'll try Balthazar instead. So many wonderful options!

May 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Love Breakfast & Brunch

Yes, but now the Commodore has been turned into college dorm rooms!

Thanks so much for the tips - and the coffee too! I'm an addict so this is great news. :-)

I love Blue Bottle here in SF so definitely try it next time you're here (if you haven't already).

May 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Love Breakfast & Brunch

Great - thanks so much for the suggestions! I think I'd like to try Florent. Also, I'm happy my brunch choices sound good.

May 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Love Breakfast & Brunch

My husband and I will be visiting NYC in a few weeks (staying in Greenwich Village). I've been reviewing this board for the past few months and have found some wonderful places to eat. But I'm still unsure about my favorite meals - breakfast and brunch!

Here are some places I'm considering. What do you think?

Tuesday - Elephant & Castle
Wednesday - Clinton Street Baking Company
Thursday - Barney Greengrass (Will be visitng the American Museum of Natural History)
Friday - need something quick, a croissant at Patisserie Claude

Saturday - Prune
Sunday - Little Owl

If you've been to San Francisco, I love brunch at Canteen & Universal Cafe (and La Note in Berkeley).

Thanks so much for your help!

May 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Manhattan

Late Lunch in Brooklyn - Where to go?

My husband and I will be visting in a few weeks, and we'd like to have a late lunch (where jeans are appropriate) in Brooklyn after our visit to Ellis Island on Wednesday. Any suggestions?

I've thought about going to Grimaldi's, but the reviews are definitely mixed.

So, instead, I thought it might be fun to go to another area of Brooklyn to have lunch and do a little shopping/exploring. Then, head back to DUMBO for a stop at Jacques Torres and the touristy walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Also, approximately how far is DiFara's from Battery Park via the subway? I'm seriously considering checking it out, but trying to avoid a long journey (and the long wait!).

Thanks so much for your help!

PS We'll be back later in the week for dinner at Peter Luger's - can't wait!

May 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Outer Boroughs

New to Richmond District- fav. places?

Like Robert, I highly recommend:

Burma Super Star
Pizzetta 211

I also love:

Turtle Tower (Pho)
Tanuki (Japanese)
Chapeau (French)
Namu (Love the Loco Moco for Brunch)
Rohan (Cool soju bar with tasty bites)

Hope you enjoy the neighborhood!

Anniversary Dinner in SF - reqs please

I went there for my first anniversary too! It was lovely.

Where to find sweet potato fries?

You could try Zebulon. I haven't been there recently, but I remember they were tasty.

Baked Macaroni as a main...what sides?

I love a simple arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Feb 21, 2008
sfcitygirl in Home Cooking

Is Top of the Mark worth the $$$?

I would avoid Le Colonial. The decor is nice, but, unfortunately, the food does not live up to the ambiance IMO.

Need recs for San Fran mid Feb please!

I'm happy you enjoyed your trip, and enjoyed Dosa. But I'm sad to hear about the wait! Good to know for the future.

Update -- Two on Hawthorne Lane

I was there on Saturday too. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back anytime soon - I agree with foodiesf. I did enjoy the biscuits and the egg raviolo (chowhound suggestion - thanks!). But the rest didn't stand out. And the menu seemed very heavy too.

However, the bar area is very cool. Love the light fixtures. I could see stopping by for happy hour.

Also, I must mention - I did LOVE my dessert. Tangerine Dream. Yum! It's always nice to end on a good note.

March COOKBOOK of the Month Suggestions


Anything by JAMIE OLIVIER. I just received JAMIE'S ITALY for Valentine's Day!


Feb 18, 2008
sfcitygirl in Home Cooking

Bix, Spruce or Le Colonial

I would skip Le Colonial. I had a very disappointing meal there. Cool atmosphere tho. I've only been to the bar at Bix (love those crab rolls). And I've been wanting to try Spruce.

Favorite Dishes/Cooking Classes at Two?

Thanks you both for the suggestions - I'm looking forward to dinner!

Chicago Family Looking for a Taste of S.F.

I highly recommend checking out Burma Super Star in the Inner Richmond. The Tea Leaf Salad is one of my favorite dishes ever (very unique), and even my pickiest friends/family love this place! I would suggest going at lunch so you can explore the neighborhood (Clement Street). Kamei has an amazing selection of kitchen/housewares. May Wah has a great selection of asian ingredients. Not to mention Green Apple...I could go on. Enjoy your visit!

Indian Cooking classes south bay or SF

I wish I knew - I'd love to find the same thing. I only had the chance to take one class with Ruta. She's really wonderful. Very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her book too. The recipes are simple and delicious.

Hopefully, she'll be offering regular classes again next year.

Favorite Dishes/Cooking Classes at Two?

My huband and I are having dinner with friends here on Saturday night. Any suggestions on what to try or avoid? I haven't been here since the change from Hawthorne Lane.

Also, any feedback on the cooking classes? They look fun (assuming you can get in).


gratin tips?

I typically salt as I go along. I've never used a water bath, but maybe someone else can help with that.

Also, get an inexpensive Japanese mandoline if you don't already have one. I should have bought one ages ago - perfect for times like this!

Feb 13, 2008
sfcitygirl in Home Cooking

Cook's Illustrated Fluffy Yellow Cake?

Cool - thanks for your input. I may need to try this recipe after all!

Feb 13, 2008
sfcitygirl in Home Cooking

Pizzeria Delfina on Monday Night - Flat

Good to know. I will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Thanks!

Pizzeria Delfina on Monday Night - Flat

My husband and I found ourselves in the Mission last night, and decided to go to Pizzeria Delfina. We've been here a handful of times, and always really enjoyed the food (altho the wait can be rough). However, last night, the food was flat. We had the Margherita pizza - the sauce was not very flavorful and the crust wasn't as crisp as normal. In addition, we tried their lasagna which included their amazing meatballs. It was OK, but nothing to write home about. I dream about those meatballs!

So, did we just go on an off night? Or maybe Mondays are cursed for most restaurants? I hope so because I really love this place. Such a disappointing way to start the week!

Catereing Suggestions for SF

I've never had any problems with La Mediterranee. I order from them every few months (box lunches and platters), and it has always been wonderful. Just my 2 cents.

Regardless, have a great shower!

Favorite Recipes from The Savory Way by Deborah Madison?

I will definitely give this a try. I LOVE cilantro. Thanks!

Feb 08, 2008
sfcitygirl in Home Cooking