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Quality and local bakery in San Antonio

Sol de Luna on Dezavala road, north central side of town. They are also at the Farmer's Market in the Quarry on Sundays. Amazing pastries and breads and I feel pretty sure they would do a custom order.

Jun 10, 2013
hellen in Texas

what is the best italian food in san antonio? or what are the better ones?

There is a small place on Evers Road named Piccolo's. The owner/chef (now deceased) was part of the early, early Paesano's and took the ideas and preparation with him. They have the absolute BEST manicotta in town. Their red sauces have a full bodied "fresh" tomatoey taste and not heavy.

Paesanos Restaurant
555 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209

Jun 28, 2010
hellen in Texas

Charlie's Steak House

Are they taking reservations? If not, what kind of wait time could I expect? I have read that they are really crowded?

Oct 08, 2008
hellen in New Orleans

Christmas in New Orleans

There are several Reveillon dinners on Christmas Day but you must have reservations. Other than that, you had better do some grocery shopping prior because there is nothing else open. I know. We were there one Christmas and even the local Popeye's chain was closed! We finally found a Chinese restaurant open but we had to look and look. Do plan ahead.

Sep 23, 2008
hellen in New Orleans

Austin Raves [moved from Texas board]

Would like to know what's the word on Austin places to eat. Love seafood, Italian, Meditteranean - just no Mexican (I live in San Antonio!).

Aug 04, 2008
hellen in Austin

La Jolla

Will be staying there in May and will have a kitchen as well so beside some restaurant "musts", would love to know about any deli, bakeries, grocers, etc.

Apr 01, 2008
hellen in California

San Antonio help wanted

There are two Mexican restaurants not too far from where you will be. El Mirador is at 722 S. St. Mary's and Rosario's at 910 S. Alamo. Go to Mapquest and see the directions from point to point. Both restaurants are where the locals eat.

Jan 15, 2008
hellen in Texas

Barton Springs Area

Husband and I will be coming from San Antonio Monday, November 12 to area. Will someone please tell me a good place to have lunch? Anything but Mexican!

Nov 11, 2007
hellen in Austin

Fredericksburg, Texas

Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe update?

Jul 23, 2007
hellen in Texas


Will be staying on Lake Travis and would like to know of some really good eating places?

Apr 17, 2007
hellen in Austin

Santa Cruz

Will be visiting in August and would like to know of places to "not miss"!

Jul 25, 2006
hellen in California