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New Miami Beach info

is emunah open these days? i thought they closed.

Jan 08, 2013
joey8 in Kosher

L'chaim mee seem/kosher chinese

anyone been to this place in Hollywood Florida? seems to be only chinese outside of Miami

Jan 13, 2011
joey8 in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurants in South Florida?

we go to florida once or twice a year (live in NY). Without question, Cafe Emunah is one of the top places we've eaten in anywhere. I never touch Sushi, but there's is outstanding

Aug 19, 2009
joey8 in Kosher

Consistently Good Kosher Restaurants

Heartily agree re Le mArais. Don't htink I've had a bad meal there in 10 years. Its shocking to me how prime Grill gets so much better "press" when in truth it has been hit or miss there for quite some time.

Nov 12, 2007
joey8 in Kosher

Prime grill major decline

I imagine it was inevitable based on the fact that they're packed all the time, and apparently have a builtin clientele, but boy has this place hit the skids. On two successive client lunches, the steaks came to table ice cold and when we complained they said they'd bring new steaks, and I expressly told them not to re-heat and they promised not to, but of course they did, and it was horrible. Really really embarassing with non-kosher clients. I just can't go there again. Wonder if anyone else has witnessed the decline.

Oct 30, 2007
joey8 in Kosher

Smokey Joe's - An Update Please...?

was there for ribs/brisket . They were out of brisket on a Sunday night! and the ribs were really really poor. Poor quality meat and drenched in some kind of "smoke sauce". Sadly, while Dougie's isn't what it used to be, their ribs are far superior

Oct 30, 2007
joey8 in Kosher