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Barcelona with a 4 year Old

Going to be in Barcelona the week after next while my husband will be at a conference. Will have a couple days of exploring without him and I'd love to take in some tapas bars, local eats, etc with my very adventurous eating 4 year old. I'm sure we'll be eating a bit earlier than most which is fine.

How kid friendly are tapas bars and such? I know I'd be fine going in alone but with the kid...

We're staying around Placa Espanya but will be all over the city during the day.

Any advice, suggestions, recomendations would be much appreciated.


Feb 14, 2014
Payton Chicago in Spain/Portugal

Scottsdale Area Dining with an Adventurous-Eating Toddler

My 2 year old and I are coming in next week from Chicago to visit my sister who just moved to Scottsdale. My sister and I are adventurous eaters as is the two year old (she had sweetbreads the other day and loved them - mommy and daddy are so proud needless to say).

While reading recent threads, I have really no idea if places like Citizen Public House, FnB, Deseo, etc. are kid friendly (ie, booster or high-chair).

My sister lives in North Scottsdale and I'm fairly familiar with the area. Last time I was in town we went to Noca and Cowboy Ciao. I'd love some kid-friendly "foodie" restaurants - don't have to have a kids menu, just a booster seat would be handy.

Love Mexican, farm to table, gastro-pubs, hole-in-the-wall. Any help would be so appreciated, thanks so much!

Mar 09, 2012
Payton Chicago in Phoenix

Seattle Visit, Foodie Parents, 2 Kids Not So Much

Thanks so much! After the heat we've been having in Chicago, I am looking forward to some cooler days and nights in Seattle.

Seattle Visit, Foodie Parents, 2 Kids Not So Much

We'll be visiting Seattle in a couple of weeks, first visit, very excited. We'll be eating early (9 month old, 8 year old), sometimes we'll feed the 8 y.o. before dinner so we can eat what we want.

Hoping to get some recs for seafood, Vietnamese, essentials (planning on Salumi) that are fairly kid friendly. We won't have a car until the last couple of days, staying by Pike Place Market. Don't mind public transport or cabs.

Thanks so much!

DC with very picky 7 year old

She will eat plain rice and noodles. We're talking picky, pasta, cheese pizza, hamburgers (no pink!!!). That's about it. She knows that we like going out to eat at places she may not like.

Thanks all for the great suggestions. My sister mentioned Tenpenh and said it was great, I'll do a search for it.

DC with very picky 7 year old

We'll be in DC (from Chicago) mid-June with my extremely picky 7 year old step-daughter. My husband and I are foodies, the more local and authentic the better. We've been known to feed her in advance then go out to eat with her Nintendo DS keeping her company at the table with us while we enjoy dinner/lunch.

Any help with lunch/dinner places would be much appreciated! Kid friendly is not essential but would be helpful. We like Mexican, local harvest, Spanish, Asian, contemporary, Italian....


First Trip to Paris - Cheap Eats?

Visiting Paris next month for 3 days, my first trip - husband travels frequently there for work. Looking for inexpensive local restaurants for lunch and dinner. We may spluge for one meal. I've heard good things about Spring where the chef is American I believe.

We are staying in the Bastille area (10eme) but don't mind walking or taking the Metro. My husband was commenting yesterday that he hasn't heard me mention any must-do restaurants in Paris so I thought I needed to start my research!

Any suggestions, help is very much appreciated!

May 21, 2008
Payton Chicago in France

Little Owl, Hearth, Other Suggestions

Love the menu they have on-line - how does suggesting a dish work there? Do you let them know what ingredients you like, etc?

Jan 11, 2008
Payton Chicago in Manhattan

Little Owl, Hearth, Other Suggestions

We are not set on the Village, we're really open for anywhere, I guess the places I was looking at are in the Village though.

Jan 10, 2008
Payton Chicago in Manhattan

Little Owl, Hearth, Other Suggestions

Thanks kobetobiko (Black Bird is on the short list for my birthday). I keep on hearing Gramercy Tavern, Gramercy Tavern... Perhaps that's a telling sign. I'll look into Blue Hill again.

Jan 10, 2008
Payton Chicago in Manhattan

Little Owl, Hearth, Other Suggestions

Will be visting NY in April for a wedding, really have one night to eat out. I've bookmarked The Little Owl, Hearth, Anissa and Blue Hill. Of course all have good and not so good mentions on Chowhound.

The husband and I love "new american", local cuisine, whatever they call it and some of our favs in other necks of the woods are Avec in Chicago,, 112 Eatery in Minneapolis, and Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar in Toronto,

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jan 09, 2008
Payton Chicago in Manhattan

Lunch gathering...with difficult constraints

The question wasn't about whether or not Greek Town is close to McCormick Place, they were just asking for suggestions. No need to get so nit picky on proximity and such ;) I love this board but sometimes posters go a bit too far with what they think is "right". It's all about opinions folks!

Feb 13, 2007
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

Lunch gathering...with difficult constraints

Check out Greek Town. Pretty close to McCormick Place and free valet parking at most of the restaurants. My favorites are Athena, and Costa's,

Feb 12, 2007
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

Midpriced restaurant in Wicker Park with free parking?

Iggy's closed about 4 months ago.

Moonshine (on Division) has a parking lot. Most restaurants have valet parking as well. Parking on the street really isn't that bad either.

Feb 01, 2007
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

La Pasadita and La Pasadita and La Pasadita

There are 3 La Pasadita's: two on the west side of Ashland and one on the east side. The one on the north west side just serves steak tacos and burritos. The La Pasadita just south of that on the west side of Ashland has sit down service and serves a much larger menu. A must try is their smokey chipotle salsa.

The La Pasadita on the east side is pretty much the same as the north west side one.

The is a La Pasada a block south on the west side of Ashland as well. That is a totally different place.

Jan 16, 2007
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

Recommendations for adventurous foodies, please!

As for cheap and ethnic go to TAC - Thai Authentic Cuisine on Sheridan and Irving Park. Make sure to ask for the Thai translated menu.

I second Moto, very creative (to say the least) and expensive.

For amazing food at a great cost check out Sweets and Savories 8 incredible courses for $60.

Jan 16, 2007
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

What Santa Brought the Chowhounds for Christmas...

A very generous gift certificate to Moto ( for Hanukkah (which boyfriend and I used this past Saturday... Amazingly interesting) and stemless wine glasses.

Dec 26, 2006
Payton Chicago in Not About Food

What is the most useless thing in your kitchen you won't get rid of?

Liquid smoke... How long does it last in the fridge?

Dec 19, 2006
Payton Chicago in Not About Food

who lives in Rome?

I was just in Rome in October and my friend made a HUGE deal about staying until a Monday so we could hit the Porta Portese market, which is in Trastevere. The market was really full of crap (for the lack of a better word). There is a small section of antiques but for the most part it's a nightmare. My friend had gone twice previously and she said that this was not the same as she remembered.

But.... Later that day we walked around Rome and came across an amazing outdoor Bio-market. I think that it was close to La Bocca Della Vierta, but not too sure. The most amazing cheeses, bread, natural soaps, sauces. There is a pizza place I visited twice, close to the Vatican Museum, a block off the main street over there. Very popular with locals and students. I remember that they had a red & white stripped awning.

Dec 18, 2006
Payton Chicago in Italy

I will eat just about anything except...

Beets, my family is so confused by this, I try but just cannot stand them any way...

Chicken breast on the bone, too many food poisoning issues...

Yellow/orange cheese not melted, can't explain it. Love all white cheeses any way though!

Aug 18, 2006
Payton Chicago in General Topics

Good Deals at Lunch for an Amazing Meal?

Cafe Spiaggia on Michigan and Oak offers an amazing lunch in a beautiful location. It's Spaiggia quality but less expensive. I am not sure about any lunch deals however.

Aug 15, 2006
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area


Corosh on Milwaukee has a pretty good brunch buffet. Not the caliber of 4 star hotels, but better than Stanley's and other bars out there.
1072 N. Milwaukee

Aug 15, 2006
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

upset by mon lung?

Papajin is pretty good for delivery in the neighborhood. Friendship is much better though. Green Ginger is no more, a new bar with food Jun Bar has opened in its place, same owners. Extremely overpriced drinks.

Aug 15, 2006
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

Tzatziki Sauce in stores?

Trader Joe's no longer sells it. I was there about 2 weeks ago looking for it and they told me that they were looking for a new distributer. I just bought some at Doninick's, it's pretty good. Your best bet would be to either make it yourself or pick some up at a Greek restaurant.

Aug 15, 2006
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area

French Fried Shrimp

You can try Lawrence Fisheries on Canal and Cermak or Goose Island Shrimp House on Division. Both are Chicago Institutions, greasy and good. Both I believe have been discussed before on this forum...

I just found out that Lawrence Fisheries serves ceviche (not on the menu, you have to ask for it). Absolutely fresh and delicious!

Lawrence's Fisheries
(312) 225-2113
(312) 225-8879
2120 S Canal St

Goose Island Shrimp House
(312) 642-3640
1011 W Division St

Jun 27, 2006
Payton Chicago in Chicago Area