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LOBSTER in nyc - big tasty ones

Went to Francesco Centro Vasco a month ago, & was given a rubbery (overcooked) 2 1/2 lb lobster. Was so....disappointed!

Aug 21, 2015
SusieS in Manhattan

In Good Taste

Does anyone know why In Good Taste in Lake Oswego closed??

Nov 08, 2013
SusieS in Pacific Northwest

Best Lobster in Miami??

Which restaurants have the best big lobsters? Thanks- Susie

Best Coffee

Stumptown coffee in The Pearl is fabulous!! Enjoy!!

4525 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

Oct 22, 2010
SusieS in Metro Portland

Updated - Road Trip: SF-->Portland-->Seattle + national parks in between. Help us eat along the way!

Check out Nora's, in Hood River, OR (Columbia River Gorge).

Aug 14, 2010
SusieS in Pacific Northwest

Late night dinner downtown Portland

We love Higgins, which is a short block away from the Schnitzer.

Jun 02, 2010
SusieS in Metro Portland

Confirmed Dead Product List (What ever happened to.... Dept.)

If you're still looking for Rachel's Brownie's, try Blissful Brownies out of Hood River, OR. Dead-ringer for Rachel's; even better.

May 12, 2010
SusieS in General Topics

Best breakfast in or around Troutdale?

Wow....this is a hard one!! There's Wong's King for Dim Sum, that's about 10-15 min. away. I'm eagerly awaiting other answers to this!

Feb 13, 2010
SusieS in Metro Portland

How or what do you start your day with? - moved from Home Cooking board

Leftovers from dinner!

Jan 13, 2010
SusieS in General Topics

Have you ever cooked a recipe from a Williams Sonoma catalog?

I made an excellent WS Cauliflower/White Cheddar Soup, which ws excellent, & very easy.

Dec 01, 2009
SusieS in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's turkey anyone?

Great idea.....we live in the Columbia River Gorge, so the nearest TJ's is a good hour-plus away. I will call to see if they can hold one aside.

Nov 20, 2009
SusieS in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's turkey anyone?

Thanks so much!!

Nov 19, 2009
SusieS in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's turkey anyone?

Does anyone know if TJ's still sells already brined turkeys? I'd love to try one. Thanks- Susie

Nov 19, 2009
SusieS in Home Cooking

Tipping the owner of a restaurant

Absolutely not on both accounts.

Nov 10, 2009
SusieS in Not About Food

Gourmet magazine to close

I am just so terribly sad. I just heard Ruth Reichl speak in Portland last week, & she was phenomenal. I just love her. Wish her the best of everything.....she deserves it.

Oct 06, 2009
SusieS in Food Media & News

Hough Bakery "Modernistic" cookies [Cleveland]

I'm now having memories of their finger sandwiches, & their wonderful mushroom pie. That was so.....good. Childhood birthday parties were incomplete without a Hough white cake with white icing. Now that I think about it, Hough catered my wedding reception many moons ago!

Need help in selecting high quality frozen appetizers

We love the mushroom turnovers from TJ's. I also love the escargot in brioche, and find that the spanakopita are also good.

Jul 22, 2009
SusieS in Chains

Good restaurants near Tacoma Dome

Thanks so very much!! Which of these are closest to the Tacoma Dome?

Jun 21, 2009
SusieS in Greater Seattle

Good restaurants near Tacoma Dome

I' will be at the Tacoma Dome in a few weeks, & would love some restaurant recomendations. Don't know the area at all.....Thanks!

Jun 20, 2009
SusieS in Greater Seattle

Today's equivalent of Julia Childs?

Julia was the one & only......!

May 14, 2009
SusieS in Food Media & News

Benson Hotel...Sunday Brunch Menu?

Could anyone please give me details on the Sunday buffet brunch menu at the Benson Hotel? How does it compare with Salty's buffet? Thanks!

May 07, 2009
SusieS in Pacific Northwest

What did your Mom always have on hand, that you NEVER do?

I love this thread! Okay, here it goes:

canned zucchini (with tomato & onion)
frozen veggies....never fresh
canned corned beef hash
canned fruit cocktail
frozen breaded veal cutlets (awful!!)
Banquet pot pies
cube steak
space food sticks
tab; complete with cyclamates!

Keep 'em coming....this is too fun!

Jan 13, 2009
SusieS in General Topics

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

Frozen peas. I do like fresh ones staight from the garden, though.

Nov 18, 2008
SusieS in General Topics

Best 8" chef knife for foodie brother as gift?

I would recommend a 10"......

Nov 16, 2008
SusieS in Cookware

Thanksgiving dinner: What is your LEAST favorite menu item that you can't get rid of?

Fat free stuffing; fat free mashed potatoes. Yuck!!

Nov 16, 2008
SusieS in General Topics

Staub on Glass Cooktop

I would be concerned about Staub on a glass top....would the heft of Saub break the glass?? Then again, I do not like those glass tops!

Oct 25, 2008
SusieS in Cookware

Stuffed Jalapeno's

I mix together, (sm.)chopped chicken, shredded cheddar, shredded monterey jack, sour cream, scallions, & seeded & sm. chopped tomato. Stuff, bake for about 25min. @ 375 degrees. Fabulous!

Oct 03, 2008
SusieS in Home Cooking

last dinner...what would it be?


Oct 03, 2008
SusieS in General Topics

Yup, another hors d'oeuvres query

If people like spicy food, I often make stuffed jalepenos. Mix together sm.diced chicken, shredded cheddar &/or monteray jack, some sour cream, sm. diced, seeded tomato, & sliced scallion. Stuff halved/cleaned jalepeno halves, & bake for @ 20-25 min. at 375 degrees. Fabulous!!

Sep 11, 2008
SusieS in Home Cooking

(Portland) Kornblatt's or Kenny & Zukes?

I've been to Kornblatt's many times, & 99% of the time enjoy it very much. Never been to K & Z, although have heard fabulous things about it. Based on word of mouth, I would choose the latter, & am anxious to go myself!!

Sep 04, 2008
SusieS in Pacific Northwest