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Nashua Area News - Part 2

I wonder if that spot is going to be a McDonald's given they shut down the one on Milford Rd in Merrimack and the one on Cotton Rd in Nashua is too small (and sucks IMHO).

Nashua Area News - Part 2

That is really odd given all the banks on that road including the one just built I think in the space that Chen Yang Li was in.

Nashua Area News - Part 2

It doesn't look like that type of drive-thru. The panel looks like what you would see at a fast food place.

Nashua Area News - Part 2

Does anyone know what is going in on Amherst Street next to the old Building 19? They cleared an area near the drive and it looks like it is set up for a drive-thru.

Favorite breakfast near the seacoast

Linda's Breakfast Place 920 Lafayette Rd, Seabrook. The place is a dive, but the food is awesome. On weekends the line can be out the door if you don't get there before peak hours.

If you are willing to drive a little further on Lafayette into Hampton Fast Eddie's is excellent. Sunday brunch is the best at The Old Salt, also on Lafayette in Hampton.

Fresh Herb and Cream Cheese Scramble

I make something similar but use eggs, milk, Boursin Garlic & Herb cheese, and garnish with chopped chives.

Sep 03, 2013
Shadowagent in Recipes

Tara Commons Nashua,NH WholeFoods maybe?

The WF site no longer lists Nashua, NH as a store in development. This may be due to the fact no address has been found. I never heard them going in the Somerset Plaza near MB, I think we have way too many MBs on Amherst St. I had heard there was a chance of them going in the old Building 19 which would make sense because it used to be an incredible grocery store. It is also stand alone with lots of parking. They are still carving out space near the Merrimack Premium Outlets so I don't know if they may be considering that area.