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Churros in MTL

Churros Montreal on St. Hubert (7497), north of Castlenau. Fresh and airy churros. I think it's run by a Chilean family.

Churros Montreal
7497 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2R2N5, CA

Looking for a place to buy cookware in Montreal

I second Mona's on Parc. A proper restaurant supply store.

Hot Sauce

I miss when those guys were in downtown Ottawa. So much hot sauce.

Hidden gems around Guy/Concordia

Strange, I've always liked Star of India. But I've never ordered the Butter Chicken or the Goat. The Dansak is great.

Star of India
5860 Rue Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H4A1X5, CA

Has anyone recently visited the Burgundy Lion?

I like the Lion, but only for drinks. Most of their food is pretty mediocre. Last time I went I had the bangers and mash and my sausages came cold and undercooked. Great beer list though.

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Ugh. No fruit in my Old Fashioned, please.

Jan 18, 2010
wilbroni in Recipes

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

embee, are you saying that he purposefully hired inexperienced staff?

Terroni- disappointing experience

Sorry, I misspoke. I meant any place that tries to be even a little bit upscale. You're right, they're certainly not fine dining. I was happy with the manager's reaction, but his job is to make sure the servers are doing their job and giving a level of service. He should have been doing that in the first place.

I was at the Queen St. location.

Terroni- disappointing experience

I had a terrible experience there a couple of weeks ago. My problem wasn't with the food though. Cheese and meat plate was great and nicely presented. Our pasta dishes were appropriately sized and perfectly cooked- al dente. However, I had what had to be the worst service I've ever received at a place that considers itself to be a fine dining restaurant. Worse still, our server was treating us noticeably worse than she was the tables next to us. Maybe my brother and I weren't dressed hip enough for the Terroni (jeans and t-shirts), but I have never felt less wanted as a customer than I did that day. After I spoke with the manager, he suggested I not leave a tip (way ahead of him on that one), and told me she was "not their best server". He also offered us a free digestif. Still not sure if I'd give it another shot.

Bloody Caesar

I never knew it was Canadian until some people from the U.S. came to my bar asking if there was Caesar salad dressing in the drink. That Caesar needs some fresh ground pepper and a celery salt rim, though. And maybe another splash of Clamato.

May 16, 2009
wilbroni in Recipes

Tamales in Montreal?

Anybody know where I can find some good tamales in Montreal? Even places that say they have them never seem to when I try to order.

Where to find Fernet Branca in Montreal?

I think they have it at Bily Kun, if memory serves me right. I also share your passion for Fernet; brought myself back a litre bottle from Argentina last month.

Montreal Tipping Question

Don't forget that they're also usually tipping out between 2 and 4% on the pre-tax amount to the kitchen/bar no matter what you tip them also.

Apr 07, 2009
wilbroni in Not About Food

Toronto drinker wants to throw off LCBO shackles

You can get Creemore on tap at Kitchenette on Rene-Levesque. Has to be one of my favourite Ontario brews too.

The Only Job Potheads Can Get Is Tasting Burritos

Aw man! Now I'm totally jonesing for some burrito. And a jet pack.

Nov 11, 2008
wilbroni in Features

home delivery from SAQ

Well, I don't know if they're refrigerated, but they deliver wine by trucks to restaurants, and I've never had any problems with wine being overheated.

Good Value Comfort Food

I've been to Kitchenette a handful of times since it opened and haven't been disappointed once by the food or the service. The decor is clean and modern, and if you're not drinking wine you'll stay well within your budget.

Where Do I Get Knives Sharpened? - MTL

I'm not sure about the quality of the service, but Cuisine Gourmet on De Maissoneuve offers free sharpening on certain nights, even if the knife wasn't bought there.

Best Places for Relaxed Beer-sluggin'?

He did say he ws in the Plateau. Old Orchard might me a bit of a trek, no?

bread pudding

I'm a sucker for the bread pudding at La Louisiane.

Best Places for Relaxed Beer-sluggin'?

I'd would definitely try Else's for a relaxed pint. I used to go to the Sergeant Recruiter, before they moved across the street, and that was a good bet too.